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Ok, I’ve finally had some time to think about my last post, and realised how stupid it was, of couse 2005 seems so long ago, cause i posted that in August. 2006 has passed so quick, and now it’s October!!! CRICKEY !!!

Anyway so a lot’s happened this year as well, from mission trip, to Hillsong 2006 (Louie Giglio, Rick Warren and Matthew Barnett where all AWESOME), to quiting my job and doing other things in my life!!! Uh… so welcome to my now yearly updated blog, haha, ok I should be able to update it more than that esepcially now that I’m supposed to have more time? I mean no work right???? Although I think the time always seems to go somewhere, no matter how much you think you have!

Was hard to figure out if leaving my job was the right thing to do. Sometimes God is quiet and wants us to figure out what his words says about things, or see how much we really desire to do things that are really worth while. But the week after I quit I’ve had a friend out of the blue offer me some freelance programming as well as someone at church knew nothing of the situation and hasn’t had words for me before say that my future was taken care off. So yea God is good, and works all things together for God for those who Love him.

Here’s where some of it has gone, redoing my church website.

My mum has also been visiting me from the UK. though I prefer going to visit her there. When I’m in HK I have all of my life going on around me, where as in the UK there’s none of that, I can just relax and spend time with my family. There’s also mum’s cooking :-)

One side note, my mum had dinner with Jackie Pullinger the other night, and she asked how me and my sister were, how’s that for recongnition ;-)

10:29pm / Oct 16th / 06
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