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Here To Eternity

AWESOME! God did some amazing things at the Here To Eternity youth camp. SO SO good to see all the youth jumping and going crazy for Jesus. Janakan did an amazing job organising it in such a short time, and Carlos is just gifted at leading people into a deep time of worship and just ministering to people. Definitely something to aspire too.

Coming back to England for Christmas. Dates are 22nd Dec to the 5th of Jan, will probably be in London the week after new years for all you Londoners. Can’t wait!!

Hmmm, for some reason that’s all I have to write. I guess that’s what happens when you actually slow down in Hong Kong for a while, or maybe cause its 1am, and as I’ve told numerious people the communication part of my brain shuts down at night. My mum and sister can explain how irritating it is.

Hillsong United Wed 6pm 16th November, Solid Rockers contact me for tickets. GONNA ROCK!

Oh, and a while ago I decided to txt one person a day with an encouragement or verse, um I started yeserday, saying its not everyday you get to make a new friend, so love it ;-) And yea today’s CHALLENGE (so so much for me) is “The servant heart needs no audience.”

10:07am / Nov 2nd / 06