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Still catching up

Thought I’d write one more thing before I go to bed, trying to upload 200 photos from Church Camp (THANKS MIKAELA, I think…) Again that was a while ago, and once I’ve caught up with my own life, I’ll be sure to let everyone know. I mean’t to go to bed a while a go, but I’ve been staying up late, and getting up even later recently. Should snap out of it, especially since tomorrow I have to be up a 7am to go help fix up some wires at church. Anyway I just bought a book on type setting, doesn’t sound that interesting, but its basically 1000 examples of stuff to do with text / fonts / graphics, looks awesome. Anyway inspired this:


10:57am / Nov 17th / 06
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    hey jim-d
    haha ur new name frum me ;p
    so heres ur comments, thanks for giving me credits :) ur CAPITALIZED it! i feel so LOVED! haha jkz hahaha
    anyway.. i LOVE ur graphic thing! its seriously cool =D a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!!
    nway thaz all fur now, until nxt time mwahahahahaha

    4:30am / Nov 19th / 06 Mikaela