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Time To Blog

Ok, so maybe I do have time to blog now that I’m no longer working at Investment bank, but time is still a funny thing. Not having to work a full time job, should give me 50 extra hours a week? But for some reason I still don’t feel like I have time to do everything that I want to.

I’ve been talking about making a schedule for the past two weeks. I REALLY need to get down to it, though at least I’ve started listing out my goals for this year, and well I’ve started a few of them. Here’s the list so everyone can help keep me accountable to them:

  • Read the bible more
  • Pray more
  • Get REAL good at guitar
  • Practice trumpet
  • Get singing lessons
  • Run twice a week
  • Pushups/Situps everyday
  • Anyway, sitting here working in Epoch cafe/bar, really funky joint that you HAVE to check out if you’re around Admiralty (Starstreet).

    12:47am / Nov 21st / 06
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      hey jim-d
      aww ur site looks so lonely wit no comments :( bt dont worry ill change that haha :P jkz
      anyway, interesting goal list haha, its gud =) hahahaha practice trumpet and get singing lessons! i like that!! now i have smth to tease u abotu! ;p jkz hehehe
      well yap ill check out epoch cafe sumtime hehe bt i still dunno where starstreet is. :P

      1:33am / Dec 5th / 06 Mikaela

      Just catching up on you – seems the best way to do it! Can’t wait to see you on 22nd even if it does mean I have to get up VERY early.
      SO proud of you.

      1:21am / Dec 15th / 06 Jenny Low

      heya james!
      ermm, i’m actually at school at the mo. but i’m really bored. so i decided i’ll just drop by! =]

      dude, you got to update your site!! it’ll do you good…just like washing your car! X)

      well, i better be heading off to do some work. byee!

      – stef*

      10:09pm / Jan 11th / 07 Stef Fung

      Hahaha, just reading this, and I guess I’ve done a lot this year, but not a lot on this list.
      1) I’ve done push ups / sit ups
      2) played a bit of guitar
      3) I was running for a while but then I sprained my ankle
      4) bible prayer, hmmm not what I was intending, but God lead me to Rob Bell, so ha…

      1:46am / Nov 6th / 07 James Low

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