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So, its been brewing for quite a while now, starting I guess with ideas about social justice, fairtrade, but branching, growing, flowering into just seeing how Jesus lived his life, and the way he looked at the world, and realising as good as Christianity and the Church maybe, we aren’t called to be follows of Christianity or any religion, we’re called to be follows of Jesus. Its a subtle difference, and maybe one of attitude over anything else, but for me and my faith it was something I needed to see. It distills down to living out your faith and just LOVE. And that is HARD, probably hardest around people you know, I’m sure everyone could point a million fingers at things in me and say you’re not doing it, but lets not accuse or feel guilt, but be inspired by people that are just plain getting it done:

  • one.org
  • invisiblechildren.com
  • twloha.com
  • xxxchurch.com
  • marshill.org
  • thecableguy.cc
  • starvingjesus.com
  • I love the cable guy, he was a pastor who was accused by someone that what he taught about sharing love really didn’t work in the real world. So on his day off he took a job as a debt collector for a cable company, and just had AMAZING experiences caring for people and being Jesus to people.

    If you want some books, try Blue Like Jazz, Velvet Elvis (thanks mum), or The Gutter.

    10:43pm / Jan 29th / 07
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      i didn’t actually mean to come on to your site. i was going to revise for my maths mock. but my tablet was a little too sensitive…so it got me here. and now i’m commenting cos i see you’ve updated! =]
      i’ve got Blue Like Jazz at home…though i’ve only read one chapter..like four months ago. ness was reading it the other day. i guess having you talking about it and ness reading it…its God’s sign for me to read it. =]
      anyway, i should be getting back to what i’m meant to be doing. plahh! much love. *muah
      God Bless,

      8:59am / Jan 30th / 07 stef fung

      hehe, it is a good book. i actually have ness’s book. it brings up a lot of different ideas. some christians don’t like it cause it questions stuff, but i think that’s ok, we’re to seek God, and he’ll clear up uncertainty. anyway its inspired me to try and live better !!!!!!!!

      9:53am / Feb 11th / 07 jamesdlow

      dude i never knew you had this! i just randomly came across it and i dont even know if you still write on here but you SHOULD, ive spent the last 40 minutes reading stuff and im intrigued by you, james :P anyhoo see ya soon, take care!

      9:56pm / Jun 6th / 07 hayley