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haha, ok, so I really don’t update this thing enough, I just plain suck at blogging. but today driving to my Grandma’s I decided I should. I’ve had a lot of ideas going in through my head since reading velvet elves / blue like jazz, and i thought I’d just start sharing some of them.

It’ll be along the lines of how can we do life better? It may be a little moralistic, but hopefully not judgmental, but I hope you take it as just suggestions, we’re all in life together. I hope as much as possible for the things I say to be right, but some of it may just be ideas or things I hear, or popular opinion. Wrestle with them, think about them, no that I’m not saying this IS the way things are or should be, but saying, maybe….

Haha, a while ago I started writing down ideas for book, I had a similar disclaimer penned out for that…

Anyway here’s todays thought. Thinking about hybrid cars, and whether if you were downsizing your life to have less environmental footprint, trading your car in for a hybrid, isn’t necessarily the best idea. I mean if you’re thinking of buying (read NEED) a new car, then sure, go with the most efficient you can, but if you’re selling your old one and buying a new one, then someone else is only going to be driving your old energy inefficient car around, so maybe the first question is how can you drive less?

2:11pm / Aug 6th / 07
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    Nice of you to eventually update your blog! Don’t worry about it – I went six months without writing anything. Of course you need something to write about!

    I like your thinking about trading in your car might not be that good. Everybody has suggested loads of ways to reduce emissions – carpooling and planting a tree. Sometimes people don’t want to implement these for usually economical reasons. Another thing is improving the public transport. Yet one TV programme (Top Gear) said that trains are more polluting than cars.

    So what do we have left. I think it is time for the general public to petition car manufacturers to start producing more efficient and environmentally cars. We only got the Prius and Lexus models and even then they not all that environmentally friendly.

    6:49am / Aug 7th / 07 Kenneth

    Yea there is really so much that we could and should be doing, its just we’re all (INCLUDING ME) stuck in a certain lifestyle, and habbits and its hard the change.

    It was funny, I heard someone compare it to seat belts. Like how even as little as 20 years ago, people weren’t force to wear them, and how studies showed they saved lives, laws came in, the public were educated, and now it feels wrong, and we feel naked and vulnerable when we don’t wear it.

    Wouldn’t it be great if something felt weird, like you’re missing something, if we didn’t bring our own bags to the supermarket, or if we purchased non-fair trade tea!!!!

    3:31am / Aug 10th / 07 James Low