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Thank You

I really bad a a few things, accepting love and complements, and saying thank you is another.

But in an attempt to do all of them I’m writing this post and hopefully honouring everything and everyone did and said in the best way I can; To simply say its a sign of what Jesus can do to someone, when they let him.

So thanks for making this the best birthday.

Not all of you have heard my whole story, hopefully one day we’ll talk about it, but I would not have the quality and quantity of friends like all of you, if he hasn’t rescued me from my addictions and self-centeredness and if I have touched any of you in anyway, you owe that too him too.

I’m really happy all of you are in my life. Sorry I can’t tag more of you, facebook only lets me do 30.

7:19pm / Mar 18th / 08
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    1) it wouldn't be a james low blog post if there weren't spelling mistakes
    2) i had to wait for the note to be imported from my blog before I could tag anyone

    12:32am / Mar 18th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    Hey James,God made you and you are amazin. btw we should meet up when im back in HK sometime

    12:39am / Mar 18th / 08 Matthew Chee (via Facebook)

    i love you and im glad you're in my life too! :)

    7:15am / Mar 18th / 08 Hayley Spiers (via Facebook)

    HAHAHAH okay james (:

    12:03pm / Mar 18th / 08 Leonie M. Lee (via Facebook)

    No worries. I didn't actually talk to you other than say Happy Birthday, but I'm glad you had a good one :)

    12:32pm / Mar 18th / 08 Jen Hancock (via Facebook)

    1. first line – spelt compliments. not complements.
    2. you haven't tagged anyone ;)


    10:43pm / Mar 18th / 08 Leonie M. Lee (via Facebook)

    and the first line – "I really bad a few things"

    this is vanessa's job.

    10:44pm / Mar 18th / 08 Leonie M. Lee (via Facebook)

    James, you have definitely touched me. God has used you in my life, and I'm so glad I could give love to you. Awh, ol' buddy ol' pal. Your joy is our joy.

    4:20pm / Mar 19th / 08 Gabe Boa (via Facebook)

    Yay I'm so glad this was the best birthday for ya. It feels so great to do something nice for someone important to you so no need to thank us. And I do agree it's all God and Jesus, so thanks you guys. :) See now if this is what it's like for your 27th, be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY for your 30th. But let's not talk about that just yet ;) hehe.

    4:32pm / Mar 19th / 08 Lydia Lee Tang (via Facebook)

    love ya. really. and it's amazing on account of all the ribbing you give me. juuust kidding.

    12:00am / Mar 21st / 08 Vanessa Manchester (via Facebook)

    I owe that to him too!

    8:55pm / Apr 13th / 08 Jenny Wan Sze Cheung (via Facebook)