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No I will not fix your computer

I’ve realised I need to finally make a stand on this: No I will not fix your computer. I especially won’t fix it over the phone. This to me is the most frustrating thing in the universe, and it is not good for me, or good for our friendship. There are worse things I could say, but if you really do want to ask me a question or fix your computer, I will do it for $200 an hour and that’s only if I know you. If you really want a computer that just works get a mac, SERIOUSLY!

I was actually pretty close to burning out this year, and dropping everything and shouting at someone very loud. It was only that I was pretty drastic and was pretty decisive about stopping a lot of the things that were in my weekly schedule in order to spend time with friends and relax that I didn’t. Finally as things got really bad I got back to spending time with God, and taking Fridays off.

The bible says to remember the sabbath and keep it holy, but so many Christians, especially those in ministry rush about making themselves so busy, there excuse being that there is all this good work to do, with maybe even people’s very souls at stake. But this in my opinion is a wrong view of Christian faith. What I see is that we’re supposed to be bringing the gospel, bring rescue to a broken world, and we can’t do that at the expense of causing brokenness in our own lives, or being so busy we don’t spend time time with God, making ourselves poor, sick or exhausted. Yes we should self sacrificial, but maybe dying to ourselves means we say everything doesn’t depend on me.

I also recently watched Rob Bell’s latest Nooma, Shells. In it he talks about how busy we make ourselves, saying yes to everything and everybody. He finally makes the point that we need to learn to say no to things, not because they’re not good things, but because we’ve said yes to the one or few best things that we are meant to do.

Why then does someone paying me make a difference? Its not because I want to get rich, its not because money drives me, it’s that if you do pay me, it means I can really work less at everything else I do just to support myself so I can do the things I feel I’m really supposed to do.

Sorry that was written out of some frustration, but to end on a more light hearted note, I’m glad I don’t work here:

9:26am / Jul 19th / 08
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    12:00am / Jul 19th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    I appreciated this post, and yes, whilst it was borne out of frustration, it’s a real post, with real emotions. It’s very honest, and I love ya for it.

    3:06pm / Jul 20th / 08 Vanessa

    lmfao @ the video. that’s great.

    8:59pm / Jul 20th / 08 corissa

    Not sure why the most didn't import correctly, facebook was probably being dumb.

    1:26pm / Jul 22nd / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    Yo dude,

    just wanted to say:

    1) I’m sorry for all the times I ask you endless questions about Onoko/ProcrastinAid at inappropriate times (like when you’re going to sleep), its just that you’re easily one of the sharpest tech minds I know, and its really helpful to ask questions… but yeah feel free to tell me to shut up or write to the blog instead… I know its easier to discuss stuff when you’ve got a spare moment/in person rather than over MSN. I do really appreciate it though! :D

    2) I really like your blog cos it validates as XHTML, and degrades nicely for small screens.

    3) I’m writing you this post from my shiny new WINDOWS MOBILE DEVICE :D

    2:57pm / Jul 22nd / 08 janakan

    p.s. feel free to send me a bill for consulting services rendered ;) ahahahah. i love windows mobile, the shiny start button, and the gorgeous office 07 interface.

    3:02pm / Jul 22nd / 08 janakan

    i’ve just realised i can deface your blog with comments about how great windows mobile is. WINDOWS MOBILE, WINDOWS MOBILE, WINDOWS MOBILE.

    3:05pm / Jul 22nd / 08 janakan

    Hahaha, when you said that, I just tested my feed, and worked out why that post appared funny in facebook, there was a problem with it, I’ve fixed it now (I hope). I’m always suprised, because in the template and the content I write the html myself, and might always forget to close off some tags.

    Boo, windows mobile, my iPhone rocks, just goe the wordpress application for it. The facebook application is very cool as well on the iPhone.

    For you Janakan, my services are always avaliable. I will always take small amount of Equity though, seriously :-)

    3:19pm / Jul 22nd / 08 James Low

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