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Love the iPhone

I know I’m obsessed with Apple products but the iPhone is seriously cool. So far I’m loving having email where ever I am and the facebook app is cool too.

I’ve just installed the new wordpress app, and I’m blogging to you from my iPhone. The picture is taken with it as well. It’s us gate crashing a dance reversal at Sha Tin town hall. Very random!

I’ve also started to use twitterific to update my facebook and adium status using http://apps.facebook.com/twitter and http://adiumxtras.com/index.php?a=xtras&xtra_id=3484


3:35pm / Jul 22nd / 08
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    were you blogging while we were watching that dance rehearsal?! you antisocial loser! :P no really. much love.

    7:40pm / Nov 4th / 08 hayley

    haha, I was going to say just the picture was from my iphone, but I just realised that I did write and blog this from my iphone, haha.

    11:54pm / Nov 4th / 08 James Low

    and I’m commenting from my new macbook :D

    11:56pm / Nov 4th / 08 James Low