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What we all should be

Gave a talk at SR about Love, how it should be with no preconditions or agendas, partly inspired by Donald Miller BLJ and this interview from Anberlin’s Steven Christian. I’m not like this, but we all should be.

12:33am / Jul 22nd / 08
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    Thank you so much for sharing this. I feel like it sums up the struggle that is my school. Funnily enough, I’ve even seen a girl wearing “abortion is murder”. I remember thinking at the time “who are you?”

    12:54pm / Jul 22nd / 08 corissa

    Love it. So true. Jesus never did anything with any intention but love. He didn't engage with people because he wanted to evangelise or push a point of view, it was just out of love. And that is the kind of love that is free and life transforming. Its how jesus is. His love changes us:) love it!

    10:32pm / Jul 22nd / 08 Anna Tsang (via Facebook)

    wow thanks, that's awesome. I love anberlin but I didn't know they were christian but man I love them so much more after listening to that. I feel so convicted, so challenged…there is so much to work on haha. I'm going to listen to Anberlin right now.
    Btw your talk on Love was really good.

    12:00am / Sep 7th / 08 Lydia Lee Tang (via Facebook)

    Sorry the link didn't make it to the post:

    8:25am / Sep 7th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    Ok, I know some of you've listened to this already, but I decided to tag peeps anyway…

    8:27am / Sep 7th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    oh my goodness.. thank you SO much for sharing that link.

    8:55am / Sep 7th / 08 Anna Tsang (via Facebook)

    I still have the mirror from the talk, and I was looking at it the other day and realised something. I know Gabe seems to be able to easily call God his lover, but God's a dude, and I just don't equate those kind of emotions and idea easily with God. But I was looking at the mirror really close up, and realised a way that helped me see how God is like that, like when 2 people are really face to face, not just looking at each other, but so close you see every line, even every flaw on someone's face, so close you can't hide anything, and that that is how God looks at us.

    It was hard for me to look that close at myself, it was very personal, even though it was just me.

    11:21am / Sep 8th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    And yes, there's giving a talk on love, and then there's living it :-S

    11:24am / Sep 8th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    I have read this post and will listen to the mp3 file later.

    5:27pm / Sep 8th / 08 Sam Fan (via Facebook)

    Thanks for sharing this James. I know I wasn't tagged, but you know how Facebook is. I'm glad you shared it. I know I'm one he's talking to.Guilty as charged. But then, there's grace. Thanks.

    12:00am / Sep 9th / 08 Sharon Wolstencroft (via Facebook)