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When I quit my full time job so that I could do livewire, I wrote a post outlining some goals now that I had more time to do things. As it turns out 2007 was one of the best years of my life, and I learnt far more about life and about myself than I ever would have imagined. I highly recommend a year out for any of you, and that you don’t have to believe the lie that you need a career or conventional job to be happy. Still here’s a quick review of last years goals:

  • Read the bible more – definitely, not through more discipline, but seeing new things about God and wanting too.
  • Pray more – ditto
  • Get REAL good at guitar – I got better, but never got lessons
  • Practice trumpet – deferred (see below)
  • Get singing lessons – hmmm, might not do
  • Run twice a week – YES! and more
  • Pushups/Situps everyday – a bit inconsistent, but yes
  • I’m still wondering where my life is heading, and it looks like for at least another year I’ll be limited to doing one thing full time. While I don’t want a repeat of the last 6 months of trying to do EVERYTHING I possibly can, and feeling very exhausted and under appreciated in the process, there are a few things I want to make sure I do do:

  • Practice trumpet
  • See a councilor
  • Be cash positive
  • Program Zest
  • Spread certain church responsibilities
  • Love people (ok I’m going to fail, but we’ve all got to try)
  • 10:43am / Jul 23rd / 08
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