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Listened to this sermon recently, and while like every talk I wouldn’t agree with everything about it, still I thought it was pretty good and made me think.

Things I realiesd, I’m a creatue or habbit to some degree, I like ordering the same food from the places I eat, I normally work out the most efficient root to somewhere and take it most of the time. Still if I go one way, I almost always go back a different way, I always run up stairs, because when I run (up stairs) I feel his pleaseure, and I will go out of my way to step on the crunchy looking leaf. Most of that won’t make sense as to creativity until you listen to the talk.

I also realised I do get a lot of ideas, and I keep lists of them everywhere, because I realised I forget them a lot too (I thought it was early onset of old age before this talk :-P).

To end, I believe that YOU are a creative person.

1:09pm / Aug 20th / 08
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    haha, usual tags, but Jan, I think you'll really like this, I don't know why, just feel you will.

    3:51pm / Aug 20th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    haha, great post.. love creativity.. I HAVE to try or experience SOMETHING new! at least once a week!

    oh and james.. hate to say this but I wouldn't be a teacher if I didn't: spell check!


    3:59pm / Aug 20th / 08 Anna Tsang (via Facebook)

    I don't really think I'm supposed to be a teacher anyway, I'm too much of a push over.

    Everyone else here will tell you, you have yet to see how CREATIVE my spelling can be. I HAVE to try spelling SOMETHING in a new way at least once a week :-P

    4:27pm / Aug 20th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    oh and Jan, I didn't mean you'd like the post, I mean the sermon I link to.

    4:41pm / Aug 20th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    downloaded :). i'll listen on my shiny old CREATIVE zen.

    6:48pm / Aug 20th / 08 Janakan Arulkumarasan (via Facebook)

    p.s. if i end up copying it for a future SR talk, don't blame me :P

    6:49pm / Aug 20th / 08 Janakan Arulkumarasan (via Facebook)

    haha that's fine just remember we're doing noomas the next few weeks.

    7:06pm / Aug 20th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    Mmmmmmm =)

    8:52pm / Aug 20th / 08 Lillian Li (via Facebook)

    i liiike, i like :D
    thanks james, food for thought and all that. creativity is the new pink.
    i MISS YOU! back friday, cant wait to see you, you'd BETTER be coming on friday night :P x

    12:24am / Aug 21st / 08 Hayley Spiers (via Facebook)

    Seen and thanks.

    10:10am / Aug 21st / 08 Sam Fan (via Facebook)

    Hayley, yea I'll be coming, but I might be a bit late.

    Oh and thanks for commenting sam :-)

    12:19pm / Aug 21st / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    I haven't listened to the sermon yet but it must be a family thing because I always try and find a different way back to the one I came & Grandma does too!!

    1:55am / Aug 22nd / 08 Philippa Wilford (via Facebook)

    Mr too! Mumx

    3:43pm / Aug 25th / 08 Jennifer Anne Low (via Facebook)

    Whoops – ME too.

    3:44pm / Aug 25th / 08 Jennifer Anne Low (via Facebook)

    […] its my habbits, and one of the habbits of creative people. I heard a sermon from Mars Hill titled a theology of creativity. It talked about how most people don’t think they’re creative, because they are not […]

    1:48am / Jan 9th / 09 james d. low / live / fishnchips.hk

    Hi :) Miss you<3

    11:57am / Mar 8th / 11 Anna Tsang