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Shouting Match

“I think being practically right is most important.” – James Low

“Well I think being theoretically right is most important.” – Lillian Li

“Ok, well theoretically speaking being theoretically right is most important, but practically speaking being practically right is most important.” James Low

“Agreed.” – Lillian Li

3:46pm / Nov 11th / 08
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    James: I'm so proud of you both!

    12:00am / Nov 11th / 08 Lillian Li (via Facebook)

    haha awesome

    12:00am / Nov 11th / 08 Lydia Lee Tang (via Facebook)

    LOL, wow, its like being a fly on the wall …


    4:34pm / Nov 11th / 08 Anna Tsang (via Facebook)

    Lillian agreed!! what a feat, james. hahah i can already picture this so vividly, i feel as if i was there.

    i see you felt the need to type out both your full names.

    5:41pm / Nov 11th / 08 Sherin Siew (via Facebook)

    Yes there is another James in Lillian's life

    5:46pm / Nov 11th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    HAHA oh james… props for a) attempting to reason with her, and b) getting her to agree :P

    i ♥ you both, you're wonderful :)

    8:31pm / Nov 11th / 08 Hayley Spiers (via Facebook)

    y'guys make me proud :]
    such a historic moment. should be documented!
    you should get it signed by a witness!!

    1:13pm / Nov 12th / 08 Corissa Joy Peterson (via Facebook)