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Computers Again

I wrote a post a while ago about how it can be a tad annoying being asked to fix people’s computers. I recently found this on digg that illustrates it:

12:49am / Nov 18th / 08
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    LOL.. its funny cuz its true!!

    10:18am / Nov 18th / 08 Anna Tsang (via Facebook)

    That's the downfall of being computer savvy… every single friend asking you to fix their computer…

    10:35am / Nov 18th / 08 Kenneth Leung (via Facebook)

    point taken…

    1:40pm / Nov 18th / 08 Nathan Sarchet-Waller (via Facebook)

    English majors get all the crap.

    4:39pm / Nov 18th / 08 Corissa Joy Peterson (via Facebook)

    nate: I don't mind, I know you have to do the same for other people!

    corissa: I don't quite get you.

    4:45pm / Nov 18th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    srsly? c'mon! the guy majored in comparative literature, so he gets to "clean the grout" out of the shower. I TAKE OFFENSE.

    no, just kidding, i'm used to the abuse.

    4:52pm / Nov 18th / 08 Corissa Joy Peterson (via Facebook)

    Hahhahaha I agree with Corissa… I feel for you girl

    6:10pm / Nov 18th / 08 Lillian Li (via Facebook)

    oh and i hate being a messenger for google.

    12:43pm / Nov 19th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    Thank you for selling your old laptop to me.

    11:44am / Nov 21st / 08 Sam Fan (via Facebook)

    […] (via) […]

    Hehe .. this is so true.

    3:48pm / Dec 22nd / 08 ixiter