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My new favourite store

Hahahahahha, so I can’t believe I’m about to blog about this, but I just found my new favourite store in Hong Kong. Its a shop that cells nothing but memory foam products! I LOVE memory foam, its so fun to play with, and I’ve been having neck aches recently so wanted to get some things. I ended up getting this pillow, for HK$174.4 down from $598, and the memory neck cushion for only $134.4 to help support my neck while I’m working on my new macbook. There’s a massive sale on right now, so if you want some stuff (Lillian), go down and check them out!

4:49pm / Dec 8th / 08
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    hahaha I don't know what to say :)

    although that sale is insane!

    and so is that new mac.

    5:05pm / Dec 8th / 08 Lydia Lee Tang (via Facebook)

    In heaven the clouds are made of memory foam.

    5:11pm / Dec 8th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    what is memory foam?

    5:12pm / Dec 8th / 08 Lydia Lee Tang (via Facebook)

    I hope I can still go to heaven after asking that question…

    5:13pm / Dec 8th / 08 Lydia Lee Tang (via Facebook)

    Memory foam is that stuff that feels really satisfying to push down, and then when it moves back it moves back really slowly. So cool!

    Oh and when I typed "foam" the first time, my weird phonetic spelling thing thing made me type "phone".

    5:19pm / Dec 8th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    "In heaven the clouds are made of memory foam."
    …. for once i am speechless. hahaha :)

    ALTHOUGH. i have to agree with lyd – CRAZY sale! i wish mango would consider it :(

    5:27pm / Dec 8th / 08 Hayley Spiers (via Facebook)

    Also in heaven everyone gets a new pair of socks, EVERYDAY!

    5:28pm / Dec 8th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    everyday?! wow…

    OH and the streets are paved in SCALLOPED POTATOES….oh the joy!

    5:30pm / Dec 8th / 08 Lydia Lee Tang (via Facebook)

    hahaha, I tagged pastor dale because I saw him for lunch today and he knew I was going to get the cushions, but now I'm glad I did so he can correct all our theology!

    5:36pm / Dec 8th / 08 James Low (via Facebook)

    It was when SCALLOPED POTATOES got mentioned that I really started to get worried…..

    5:44pm / Dec 8th / 08 Dale R Hanson (via Facebook)


    9:38pm / Dec 8th / 08 Janakan Arulkumarasan (via Facebook)

    hey those are awesome!

    10:17pm / Dec 8th / 08 Lydia Lee Tang (via Facebook)

    Wow- I have a sudden nightmare that everyone is turning into my Dad… Hahahaha.

    I am going to get NEW CUSHIONS!!!!1

    I wish they had memory foam inside my high heels…. life would be feel so much better.

    8:16am / Dec 9th / 08 Lillian Li (via Facebook)

    I totally agree lil! In heaven high heels have memory foam in them :) hehe

    10:00pm / Dec 9th / 08 Lydia Lee Tang (via Facebook)

    does anyone know when it started getting called memory foam? either or both of the james'? im sure you guys know, oh fountains-of-knowledge? it doesn't seem like the most fitting name right? i know it 'memorizes' your form, but memory involves cognition. pillows don't have cognition. haha.

    3:58am / Dec 14th / 08 Sherin Siew (via Facebook)

    Ahhhhh… cushions.

    mmmmmmm potatoes…..

    What about cushions made from potatoes – no more worries ab out getting out of bed for late night snacks? Janakan could design an app that automatically updates the potatoe cushion so that it is ready for the next day. Can potatoes be uploaded onto youtube yet?

    8:52am / Dec 15th / 08 Jon Keelty (via Facebook)