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Only in Hong Kong

Haven’t posted about much other than “work” (programming) recently. But here’s a few random things that happen in HK. Firstly my new favorite hang out is the science park. YES, the science park. It has great food / surrounds, starbucks, wifi, and its near the water. Its great for going to work or to reflect. I LOVE IT!

The other two pics are random. Firstly, and this was more unique for HK, its a person standing still in a white t-shirt with pots of paint for people to pain him. Must have been someone’s art project or something. Very creative for a conformist culture like HK. Lastly “Oops hair salon”, just speaks for its self – Only in Hong Kong!

2:33pm / Mar 2nd / 09
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    hehehe!! Yup.. i’m getting my hair cut at oops next time.. satisfaction guaranteed?? :P

    2:39pm / Mar 2nd / 09 anna