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Today is my sabbath. Its hard not to do work, I feel like I want to get things done, and move things off my todo list. But part of the reason for me, is to realise I can’t do everything, and not everything relies on me. So in the vain of these 2 posts:

Here’s some more ideas I’ve thought of that I’ve realised will probably never have the time to do:

Import vitamised water to HK

An online todont list and social network of all the things you will try not to do or that you shouldn’t do before you die. Kind of the opposite of 43 things

And finally rework the end of Matrix Revolutions to…..
“Wooooh…. Bill I just had the most amazing dream”

Vitamin water is available in HK. Told you it was a a good idea ;-)

9:27am / Mar 20th / 09
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    hahah, todont.com sounds like a funky idea!!

    11:31am / Mar 20th / 09 Anna Tsang (via Facebook)