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Mission Statement

One of the things we did in the third Men’s Fraternity at my church’s men’s group is write a mission statement for our lives. It comes out of a 20 week course which comprises of a lot of self reflection and a personality test to determine your unique talents and personalities. Here’s mine, what do you think? (Especially Brent / Dale / Jon)

Mission Statement:
God has uniquely designed me to initiate and lead, even when it feels no one else is (Persister). He has given me unique developing abilities on both technical and personal levels (Harmonizer). He has made me to develop others strengths, while serving their weaknesses. He has given me the ability to conceptualize problems, in order to solve them in away that achieves real lasting efficiency improvements (Achiever). He has given be the ability to break these down into achievable tasks, giving me an enjoyment when I do, while keeping in mind the bigger overall picture.

Develop People And Processes

Single Word:

9:35am / Apr 21st / 09
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