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Dream Impossible

Probably my last post for a while, as I see how my reverse sabbath pans out. I was watching with Anna something on the God channel (which is something I don’t normally do). The speaker was speaking about dreaming big, and giving all these examples of people that did great things, made their businesses go global, go from teacher to school board member, or give world changing speaches.

I understand his point, that we shouldn’t limit ourselves or God, and that there maybe a much bigger plan for you life than you have. But the truth is maybe the plan isn’t bigger…

And that’s not to place limits on anyone or just be realistic, but its to be truthful. Maybe instead of dreaming big, we should dream impossible. The calling on your life may in the world’s or prosperity gospel wielding preacher’s eyes, small. But that makes it no less noble, impossible or true.

Paul traveled all over eastern Europe, very big indeed, but Stephen was stoned and a martyr in the early beginnings of the church, and let us not forget the widow’s might.

And so for me dreaming impossible in truth, I dream to be a faithful husband, who loves his wife like Christ loves the church, and to be a father that does not pass his wounds on to his children, is involved in their lives and loves them unconditionally.

Part of the reason for the reverse sabbath is a lack of being inspired by my dreams for the future, and along with some other discussions with Janakan, was my reason for publishing them at 43 Things.

4:46am / Jul 1st / 09
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