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Reverse Sabbath

Those of you that know me know I’ve talked a lot about sabbath recently. I definitely feel its an important part to the rhythm of life, and something a persistent achiever like me can forget in favour of getting stuff done.

Recent events (lack of joy, tiredness, a hurt neck) have led me to believe that I really need a proper holiday, which apart from a week last year I probably haven’t had in 4 years. I guess some might call it a “sabbatical”, but I’m calling it a reverse sabbath. I intend to only work or use my computer once a week, and take a complete break the other days for the whole of July, instead of the other way around.

It will be really good because my mum and sister are visiting and Anna is on holiday AND I’m going our church mission trip from 20th to the 30th :-) So I’ll be much less frequent at replying to emails and you guys can all keep a check on me, although if its an emergency I might just have to :-P

I have a couple more blog posts tonight, and then I’m signed off for July.

4:25am / Jul 1st / 09
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