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Reverse Sabbath Ends

Today is the last day of my reverse sabbath, and it’s a Friday which was the day I was using my computer anyway, so I’m using it :-P I might write more about it later. But here’s what I’ve learned:

1) A month isn’t that long a time to not work or do anything, or not using a computer
2) I can do it! (Not use my computer that much)
3) It’s a lot easier with an iPhone and when you’re on a mission trip for 10 days!
4) I cheated a bit with my iPhone or on the days I had to use my computer for an emergency I used it for non emergency purposes
5) It was good to know I didn’t have to do things, that I could be a human being on a human doing, but I still need to learn the art of rest more.
6) I really do genuinely like using my computer and programming, its not just a time killer or addiction.

12:28am / Aug 1st / 09
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