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Top 5 Pet-Peeves

1) Tinned Spaghetti/Tomato Ketchup (especially in fried rice)
2) Spam/Plastic square cut ham (also especially in fried rice)
3) Trying to fix a computer over the phone
4) No ToDo list syncing on my iPhone
5) Doors that don’t open both ways (push and pull)/Cupboards with that stupid thing that means you have to open one door first

1:49am / Oct 13th / 09
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    Forgot some big ones:
    * DVD Regions! They just plain SUCK! (DRM too)

    * The way people in HK blindly just conform to the way they always did things, or what their boss tells them to do.

    10:55am / Nov 4th / 09 James Low

    Oh also I hate the video screens on the KCR and buses!

    1:51pm / Dec 5th / 09 James Low

    And prices that don’t easily rip off things and leave a big mess.

    9:58pm / Jan 17th / 10 James Low

    Those annoying phone menus where you have to say the number or the option that you want. Actually automated phone menus in general!

    10:37pm / Jan 24th / 10 James Low

    Websites that have an option to change the language, but they write the names of the language in the language you can’t read!

    8:55am / Jan 25th / 10 James Low

    Unecessarily complex/badly documented programming environments/platforms which make it slow to develope in or where you spend ages figuring out what should be really simple.

    7:48pm / Jan 25th / 10 James Low

    When REALLY smart people write a REALLY good book, but then have a few key inconsistencies that are glaringly obvious. I guess no one is perfect though.

    2:11pm / Feb 1st / 10 James Low

    If DRM wasn’t bad enough HDCP sucks even more! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-bandwidth_Digital_Content_Protection

    12:02am / Feb 17th / 10 James Low

    Coins! (Thanks Jan)

    8:40am / Mar 30th / 10 James Low

    Oh and Windows ME / Windows Vista

    8:41am / Mar 31st / 10 James Low

    Springy razor blades – your hands should adapt to the contours of your face!

    10:05am / Apr 3rd / 10 James Low

    Ok this might take the number 1 spot, after moving to the UK, having to talk to those voice recognition telephone automation systems is the most stressful thing I have to do.

    4:47pm / May 6th / 14 James Low

    Companies that have email support on their website, and then ignore all emails sent to it.

    6:16pm / Nov 28th / 14 James Low