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Prayer – Ravi Zacharias

Your ways mystify me oh Lord.
Oh yes, in some journeys I feel you all the way, never doubted.
But sometimes You seem to vanish after half way of that journey.
At other times You appear to me at that very last moment.
And You know Lord, sometimes I actually fear that You’ll let me go over the edge.

You are very unique My child and I will help you learn from Me with that very uniqueness in mind.
You see if I took everyone all the way, where is the room for their faith?
If I took everyone more than half the way, where is the room for their love?
If I did not let You at times even feel abandoned, where is the room for My Cross?

You are not what you will someday be.
I AM who I AM!
And I know how to get you from who you are to who I AM.
If you do not understand this, where is your hope?


    Yes I thought this was amazing when I listened to his talk last night. Mumxx

    3:18pm / Oct 17th / 09 Jenny Low

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