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From The Lord’s Prayer

Dad, you are different to everyone else.
      You are the only one who is perfect,
      the only one who is completely loving.
I believe You have the best of intentions,
      towards me, and towards the world,
      yet I find it hard to trust.
But we need You and Your love,
      so may Your will be done on earth,
      just as it is in heaven.

God, You are so loving,
      You care about the details of life,
      so give us today all that we need.
And may we trust you and not worry,
      because if we ask for bread,
      You will not give us a stone.

I still sin because I’m not perfect.
      I’m wounded, broken,
      but also selfish.
Forgive me my sins because you love me,
      and help me forigve others,
      because they are simply wounded and broken too.

Protect me from the enemy’s lies,
      from fear, condemnation and his accusation
      and remind me again of your love.
And may you have glory because of your love,
      now, because I need you now,
      and forever because our hope is in you making everything new.