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What life in heaven is like…

These aren’t necessarily theologically correct, and it might be more accurate to say life in the “new heavens and the new earth”, but here it is co-written with annatsang.com:

Garry / animals / pets / furry things
New socks every day
Really good food but still healthy
People will share possessions
If people have needs others will give things to them
No neck pain
No periods
Good environment and nature and picturesque scenes
Tasks and jobs satisfying and fulfilling
We have time to see and explore all the different parts of the world
Life is like a good book
Time to learn and study everything about God and about the world
We are wise
We are mature and healthy inside
Not perfect but have tools to deal with things
Not so wounded inside
Garry finds his family (other families are reunited too :-P)
Balance of work and rest and play
People know how to relate
People have genuine relationships and community
One big family
People are who they were always meant to be
People have grace
People have different roles small/big and are happy where they are, it fits them!
People don’t put expectations on others
People are vulnerable and know each other
People feel okay to be themselves
People know God and are close to him and feel loved

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    Dear James and Anna,
    This is lovely! Can I use it in sermon?

    1:52am / Jul 25th / 10 Jenny Low

    Sure, no probs

    7:38am / Jul 25th / 10 James Low

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