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Getting Married :)

Been so busy since I proposed Christmas Eve last year, that I haven’t blogged anything about it yet But anyway so happy to be getting married to my wonderful Anna!

We launched are website, a little wordpress, some google docs and some paypal to make something that has made things much easier. People (Stacey, Jan, Mum, Andrew/Irene) have been so helpful so far, because we’re trying to make / decorate as much stuff ourselves as possible to save money.

Another really nice surprise was Total Finder. I’ve blogged before about how I use it for adding Tabs and Cut/Paste to Finder on OSX. I emailed the creator asking to see if they did discounts so I could install it for Anna as well, and he gave me a copy for free! Goes a bit to restoring my faith in people and made Anna and I both smile :) Be sure to check out Total Finder, this should have been built in to OSX!