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Moving Church

This is mainly for people that I know, at least that I’ve met through Shatin Church.

Some of you may have heard that Anna and I have decided to move on to another church. This has been a long and painful decision, not least because I’ve been there so long, served there so much, and like a lot of you a lot!

Its been hard because I can’t explain all the reasons why I feel its right to move, but I want you to know:
– I have no ill feelings towards anyone currently at Shatin Church.
– While I have been hurt about things in the past, I also know my reaction to things has been less than perfect too
– God has used everything I’ve been through, being hurt, burnt out, depressed to grow and mature me
– I love God more than ever, even though at the same time I realise more than ever, how much I still have to grow and mature
– I do feel that there is a hope and future for both Shatin Church and myself, only that now the future is different for both of us

I want you to know I enjoyed serving with all of you, and have great affection for you and the times we spent together, especially in Solid Rock. I want you to know you’re still my friends and the last thing I would want is for you to feel you can’t ask me about this.

11:04pm / Sep 17th / 11
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