I was thinking about buying a Fulltone fuzz, but at uni I was into building things, and thought it would save money, so I built this. Its one of the view electronics projects I actually finished (read that actually worked).

Fuzz Fuzz Case Fuzz Inside
Fuzz Parts Fuzz Board Fuzz Board 2

I wanted to be able to use this with a standard power supply, but being a PNP circuit the positive is connected to the ground(sleave) of the input, where as most normal effects(that use a positive power supply) have the negative connected here. After posting a message on Ampage I got directed to the AMZ solution to this. Ths AMZ schematic is for the standard fuzz face. I’ve updated this for the ’69 modifications:

‘69 fuzz layout / ‘69 fuzz schematic

Small Bear Electronics – Parts / Guitar Gadgets – Fuzz Face Boards & Schematics /
Geofex – Technology of Fuzz Face / AMZ – PNP Fuzz Face with positive power supply

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