Limelight / FAQ

1) How do I get PowerPoint 2007 files working?
Adding 2007 support is in progress. It will depend on the progress of Apache POI.

2) Limelight doesn’t load on Windows Vista?
Some users have reported it not working on Vista, but sometimes it does, we are currently looking at this problem.

3) Why don’t PowerPoint transitions work?
The library we use to display PowerPoints doesn’t allow us to easily show transitions. We may add our own transitions that will work for text slides, image slides and PowerPoint at some point in the future. On windows we may consider adding native PowerPoint transitions in the future using Office automation.

4) Sometimes after using Limelight the Apple Remote doesn’t work?
This is a small issue with the way we are currently accessing the remote. If it does this got to Applications->Utilities->Activity Viewer and search for “iremoted”. Kill any processes that are remaining.

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