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Not much here yet, except news on the right now accept my ikea hacks and old guestbook preserved and ported from my first website back in the 90s!

Top missing about the UK and liking about Perth

Top things missing:
– Cribbs
– Pret
– The garden
– The downs
– Greener surroundings
– Waitrose (and the free coffee)
– More natural produce (the food in Australia is pretty processed)
– Higher trust (Australia seems to be a lower trust/higher bureaucracy society)
– Amazon/eBay and better online shopping

Top things liking:
– The beach
– The sky
– The lack of rain
– Our church
– My Two-Rock Jet
– Faster delivery from China
– More than one choice of mall
– Tons of parks for the kids

3:01pm / Sep 8th / 17

Two changing tables from one

Another IKEA hack, this time turning a single SNIGLAR changing table into two lower (and safer) ones by sawing the legs just above the second shelf:

2:01am / Jan 28th / 16

New Underdesk Laptop Draw

I recently saw this IKEA hack and realised it might be an improvement on my last laptop mount. The Macbook Pro 13″ fits perfectly in the IKEA Dokument letter tray, and the mesh design allows better cooling than a flat shelf.

1:55am / Jan 28th / 16

Aldi Crofton Cast Iron Enamel Cookware

I’ve been looking for some non aluminium/non ptfe frying pans for a while. I’ve found stainless steel stick too much, and it’s too hard to keep them seasoned all the time. I also tried ceramic coated stainless steel, but these were expensive and still didn’t last that long.

Eventually realised it’s worth paying for cast iron enamel cookware, but this is normally really pricey. However this week Aldi have their 2015 range of cast iron enamel cookware on special. I ended up getting the 28cm frying pan, 24cm frying pan, 28cm wok and 30cm shallow casserole to add to my two Le Creuset casserole dishes. While the quality is never going to be on par with Le Creuset, they still feel very solid, have stainless steel riveted handles that stay cool, and a decent thickness of enamel.

Cooked with them today, and the surface doesn’t stick too much with some oil. They’re also a little lighter than other cast iron cookware, which is maybe why they’re cheaper. It does make them slightly easier to handle, although their still noticeably heavier than stainless steel or aluminium cookware.

Overall very pleased, and I think they’re worth the money. They should certainly last longer than the ceramic or other nonstick pans I’ve used in the past.

1:20am / Dec 11th / 15

Mount MacBook Pro Underdesk

I’ve had my macbook mounted under my desk for a while. I original had it on some U-shaped aluminium extrusion brackets. If I was doing something taxing it would overheat a little, so I drilled some holes where the fan is, but that didn’t really make that much difference. I was looking for something else, and eventually decided on a cheap IKEA wooden shelf mounted with u-shaped brackets. I just made my own out of the same aluminium I used before, but I’m sure there are other brackets around like these robot servo brackets.

Here are some pics of the original mount, new shelf, and all the other things I have mounted under my desk:

There are a few other good ideas I’ve seen floating around. There’s the IKEA napkin holder which I tried for a while, as well as this basket idea.

2:25pm / May 15th / 15