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I mainly did this to add all the people that signed my guestbook on my old site (I have trouble letting go of the past I know), but feel free to add your comment to the list…


    Hi James,

    Just using your magnificent Force User Login Multisite plugin, but having a real problem getting Peter’s Redirect Plugin to work with it. All I want to do is, after they login, subscriber roles only have to get directed to the main site home page instead of the admin screen. It’s kinda driving me crazy, and it’s a deal-breaker for my client if I can’t get it to work. Please, please can you help?

    That’s really all I need – subscriber roles to be steered to the main site home page after forced login, that’s it. I can pay for your time, or donate to a charity of your choice, however it works best for you. God bless you for your help.

    All the best,


    8:43am / Apr 18th / 12 Jim

    Meowwww! Raghgie poop

    8:39pm / Oct 12th / 12 Garry & Jeffrey