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I mainly did this to add all the people that signed my guestbook on my old site (I have trouble letting go of the past I know), but feel free to add your comment to the list…


    Hey! i’m the first message! Who hoo!Love the page James! The music rocks! The page rocks!IT ALL ROCKS!!!!!!WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry – haven’t had much sleep lately. Keep in touch man. Tim

    10:45am / Feb 3rd / 99 Tim de Sousa

    Hey Hey,The ultimate page! Wow! Yeah, well seeing as you devoted yourself for so long on this homepage I’d expect better!!Only kidding, it’s really awesome how you got all of it together and I am very, very impressed!May be it can be as good as mine some day!! hehehehe…. God Bless ED

    2:25pm / Feb 11th / 99 Edmund Chan

    hey there man, just thought i would b the 4th or so to fill in one of these things……and if your (anyone else) is looking at this…….y the hell don’t u write in as well huh?……oh well yeah…..great homepage man, all the music etc is pretty cool, well i would like to say that i am getting back to my R&A now, but that would b a lie…..hehe…..oh well c ya man

    3:35am / Mar 13th / 99 Matthew James

    Dear James…. Thanks for touching up the guitar and the case, neverknew you could sew! Like your webpage very much, keep piling on those sound clips. I know you’re a jazzheadbut maybe you could diversify the site…cater for hard-line classical musicians like me! I’d give you some of my piano recordings but they’re so badly done that I’d needto go into a proper studio with a nice Steinway! Anyway, marvellous stuff, and thanks for your influence….now it’s my turn to fill you up with Beethoven and Rach. (Tolerance, tolerance) later, Veda

    3:59pm / Mar 26th / 99 Veda Poon

    Hey James, Nice name buddy. Anyway, thought i might be the 6th person here…many hands make light work eh? Your page is fu**** wicked! Have you guys made a cd? You should cause your music clips sound really good. Better than alot i’ve heard…i mean…i’m not a jazz enthusiast as such..but it doesn’t take an idiot to realise good music when he hears it! Well done james…pretty damn impressed!

    5:20pm / Apr 6th / 99 James Roman

    Great pages AND music, James. (I’m the Oz guy that used to help out on the PA gear at Shatin Anglican about 3 years ago)

    7:37am / May 7th / 99 Kevin Keep

    Oi! nothing about ur best bassist (sorry Ed!) and blues jam partner? eh, alright…not bad, the page, i mean, pretty good for the second best guitarist in the school, hehe, kidding~hey, keep playing that music, and next time i see u, u’ll be watching me on stage stuffing blues licks down ur throat =) hehe seeya, buddy!

    6:10pm / May 20th / 99 Bluesman GVL

    Ah James, if there were any justice in the world, you would become a famous musician, and I would be leader of the world. Well, there still the rest of our lives to see if one of those comes true :) pretty pages, pretty music, and hopefully we’ll end up in London, eh?

    6:07pm / Jun 13th / 99 Sai

    Good page except that I can barely see the dark blue links on the back blackgrounds. Maybe I need new glasses!I usually see you around while I’m setting up the church

    6:42pm / Jun 28th / 99 Phil Smith

    It’s really cool!!!!!pretty groovy….I haven’t had that much time to look around, but it looks damn good…see you in London Katey

    8:52am / Jul 11th / 99 Katey

    This is great, and it gives a special feelings, so cool! And let me know that you really like music, haha.. fantasic! Thanks for let me know more about Jazz! Thanks.

    4:40am / Aug 11th / 99 Chris

    Your homepage is really nice!

    2:53pm / Aug 16th / 99 Wing

    Hey! Mr Jame Slow.Yup yup, very cool… I just thought I’d check to see how you’re doing, Congrats on your As, seeya next year!

    9:07am / Aug 20th / 99 Lester

    First congratulation to your 4A of 4As!!! So you decide joining Lester at IC, who is learning to cut up people, to study bomb making or research on GM foods. Enjoy surfing you web page but not been to listen you creations. Good Wishes to your future!

    1:02pm / Aug 26th / 99 David Chan

    James, congratulations on your results, I always knew you would get those results!Anyway, good luck in Imperial and perhaps I’ll see you next summer and we can praise God together. Good Luck and God Bless.:0)

    7:04pm / Sep 5th / 99 Becky

    JAMES….What can I say? You amaze me! A great page!! And it really represents so many sides of the amazing you. The muso, the sportsman, the computer wizz, the friend, the brother, the brain, the Christian, the leader, the fan, the entrepreneur, the stylemaster,the man-about-town, the bargain hunter, the international jet-setter, the jazz-head and the soon-to-be (again) student. I feel honoured to be counted among your friends!

    11:14am / Sep 13th / 99 CHRISTO HUFF-JOHNSTON

    good work marvin i am proud you and your friends

    3:43pm / Sep 16th / 99 Alex Shyu

    Hey James, thanks for autographing the CD. Knowing you these few years has been inspirational! Knew you’d have to get a Gibson sooner or later. Best wishes for the future.

    4:44am / Sep 21st / 99 Morris and Sonia

    im a student in SC..i bought your CD and i thought i would come to see your homepage…i really like your creationz..well done guyz….you all did a great job

    2:12pm / Dec 28th / 99 Delilah


    2:57pm / Jan 10th / 00 ron

    Hey there Mr. Low Well…I finally decided to drop in, and you have definately impressed me. It has been an awesome privlige to have known you for so long. I’ll be seeing you around. ;) Curtis

    10:06pm / Jan 19th / 00 Curtis Keddy

    signed! hehe…nice one boss!

    7:12pm / Aug 11th / 01 Simon

    Great site ! I have downloaded the MP3 player and will try it out. Did you catch the Apple product iPOD ? It is a really cool item and will do more than MP3. I think if we can get one in HK this Xmas – it will be the hot item to get. See you soon, love DA

    7:13pm / Aug 11th / 01 Mad DAD

    Nice work and layout of your homepage. I am studying in HK right now and whereever you are, all the best.

    7:14pm / Aug 11th / 01 Rufio

    Nice to meet you at FF! Your homepage is good, teach me to play music in one day!!

    7:15pm / Aug 11th / 01 Godfrey Yick

    12:32am / Dec 13th / 02 Pauline Deary (previous Shatin member)

    yo james… that guitar chord section is so beast. have a cool new year…

    7:43am / Jan 6th / 03 Jamie Liu

    I want to build my own clone also. tell me how can i get started? i’m an electronics engineer. do u have the schematics and pcb design?

    2:24pm / Feb 7th / 03 mike

    Yeah- just thought I’d check out the past members of Shatin Church- you know, Pip, Kassie, etc. So this is what you’ve been up to. Cool music.

    8:48pm / May 30th / 03 Valerie

    I tried to get info on this but the link did not work, can you please help me,I want to build my own Project system DIY Projector 2) Using a large LCD, normally meant for use on an OHP. You can get these for about US$100. You can get great resolution and get it much brighter than the previous way, but again it’s very bulky.

    3:24am / Jul 29th / 03 al

    Hi Jez… Kas here… Congratulations on graduating and getting the job in HK. It wouold be cool to hear from you sometime… I hope you’re well xxx

    10:31pm / Aug 22nd / 03 Kassie Bath

    I was here!!!!!

    5:54am / Sep 18th / 03 michelle

    hi,im a big fan of larry carlton ton,im interessted to built a clone amp of dumble,thanks a lot if you kann help me(schematics,informations,etc. . .) Taoufik from germany

    6:56am / Oct 15th / 03 taoufik

    Hi James, some cool projects and equally cool homepage! How would you rate your success with the amplifier and pedal building? Do you use your Fuzz Face? Hi to your family also.

    1:16pm / Nov 17th / 03 Luke Griffin

    YOUR WEBPAGE ROX AND JAMES ROCKS. God bless you James!! You are so talented and thanx for being james and had so much with with you in Shatin college. WHEN CAN I MEET UP WITH YOU AGAIN??

    10:06am / Nov 18th / 03 alvin

    This is the messge from Sam K.W. FAN from Shatin Anglican Church. Wish God bless your ministries.

    5:25pm / Dec 25th / 03 Sam K.W. FAN

    Pip said I should take a look at your site sometime and I finally got round to it. Does is need updating a bit?! I can look it up everytime I want to see that nice picture of you.!!

    6:49am / Jan 20th / 04 Jenny Low

    Hey James! its Anna…! just thought i would let you know i am linking you on my site!! Hope youre well, and works going good! take care and God bless!

    3:40am / Jul 9th / 04 Anna Tsang

    Wonder if you got the Dumble Clone completed. I just finished one up and having a lot of fun tweaking it in for my personal tastes.

    2:59pm / Aug 7th / 04 Gary J.

    Resistance is futile ! Wassup Dude!

    7:45am / Oct 11th / 04 The Borg

    cool site – what a gifted nephew I have

    2:13am / Mar 31st / 05 penelope low

    Hey James, just stumbled onto your site and thought I would say hi. It’s great getting to play with you these days on worship team. You rock!

    3:39am / May 12th / 05 Tom Read

    hey james didn’t know you had a website. heard you’ve been doing a great job with the worship at the Vine! :)

    2:15pm / Oct 14th / 05 ann ong

    hey james, i am looking for a word press plugin with a functionality similar to ‘allow categories’. please let me know if your interested in a custom development.

    5:49pm / Apr 22nd / 08 rap

    Am I the only one who still monitors your website, James?
    Love the minimalist design. Very cool la!

    3:46pm / Jan 5th / 09 Jon K

    Hi James, is Anna.. Just letting you know I’ve linked to your site :P


    10:24pm / Mar 4th / 09 anna

    You have a unique site here James. Not a cookie – cutter like so many. I’m trying out your wp-bible-gateway plugin on a site for our new church I’m developing.

    Thank you

    1:18am / Mar 31st / 09 John

    Hi James –
    Any chance you’ll upgrade facebook comments to work with wordpress 2.8.2?

    10:22am / Jul 27th / 09 JR

    Hi James:

    I really love your website. Especially think the theme is VERY nice. I was wondering what theme you use and if others can use it? (with our own pictures :) )
    (I’m assuming it’s WP)

    1:00am / Oct 26th / 09 Ron

    Thanks glad you like it. Its a custom theme I wrote. I’d consider putting it out there, but there are a lot of customisations and things I would need to fix up to make it more general.

    8:55am / Oct 26th / 09 James Low