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JabberSkype is a Jabber (XMPP) to Skype API bridge. It runs on your computer allowing a single Jabber client (Pidgen / iChat / Adium / etc.) to connect / show contacts and send messages using Skype. Skype is still required to be installed and running on the computer.

0.30 – Oct 31 / 14
New version hosted by GitHub
0.21 – Jan 11 / 10
Fix for options on Windows
0.2 – Sep 28 / 09
Updated to latest version of limegreen template
0.1 – Apr 19 / 09
Initial version with autoupdate

If you found any of the software useful, please consider supporting its further developement by donating.


    Why you work in Windows instead in GNU/Linux? It will be a great contribution if you program for GNU/Linux too.

    4:46pm / May 15th / 10 Anyeos

    About worship: I think the same like you. If I help you and you help other 3 peoples. And that people help other 3 and so. Always giving to other peoples. When the chain comes to you newly you will receive from at least 3 persons. That is great because all people always will receive something! Instead if all of us want only to receive, nobody will receive. Of course, that is an ideal logic but it can be applied in the reality.
    Why the world is so? Why the people is so egoist? Because they are ignorant. So I think we must promote the knowledge. And the knowledge does not must have a price, that must be free of charge always. That is what we must take care. And of course, working and giving the example a form of promote knowledge.

    Bye bye

    4:54pm / May 15th / 10 Anyeos

    Hey dude, thanks for your comments. It pure java (.jar) version (the other link) should work on Unix, but I haven’t tested.

    This app is still REALLY early alpha though, and I haven’t worked on it much because I use this with Adium/Pidgin now:

    5:18pm / May 15th / 10 James Low

    It would be awesome if someone could explain me hot to use this magic tool on OS X Lion…. Because I have copied it to the Applications folder but should I do next?

    4:27pm / Mar 3rd / 12 SABOND

    Sorry not really supporting it any more, the Skype API may have changed a lot.

    6:50am / Mar 14th / 12 James Low

    Hi. I’ve been searching for a way to use my Messages.app to chat with my Skype contacts. I’ve tried the Jabbim site, but they’re now asking for people to pay them money. I actually tried to pay them, but again, couldn’t work out how to use their system. I installed your app, but I’m fairly certain that it’s now no longer working due to Skype changing, or OS X sandboxing. I’m not sure how successful it would be, but I’d be happy to pay you for a plug-in for iChat / Messages that would allow my Skype contacts to appear in my contact list and to be able to text-chat with these contacts using Messages rather than the Skype application. I don’t mind running Skype at the same time, just want all my conversations and contacts to be in the one interface. Eagerly awaiting your response…


    12:09pm / Oct 14th / 12 MrJonesiii

    It maybe possible by disabling gatekeeper to allow running of 3rd party apps. But I think the old Skype SDK is no longer supported in favour of their new SkypeKit:

    Unfortunately though my work takes most of my time, and I don’t have time to work on a project like this

    1:06pm / Oct 14th / 12 James Low

    This JabberSkype sounds cool but I can’t get it to work. When I click start it doesn’t do anything and the stop button crashes it. I’m on OSX 10.8.2.

    7:17am / Feb 7th / 13 Doug

    Hi James,
    Is Skypejabber still working with latest Skype version and OSX Mavericks on a Mac?

    8:41pm / Oct 30th / 13 Guillermo Ferrero Ferri

    Sorry it hasn’t been updated in years. I still think its a good idea, I’ve just had so many other things to work on.

    10:22pm / Oct 30th / 13 James Low

    Good project. Limited resources. I understand.


    3:31am / Oct 31st / 14 Radhe