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Here are some misc. small things I’ve written or collected that are hard to find.

title description author exe
delphiX.zip adaptation of delphiX for delphi 6 hori / turbo
openglc++.zip template for opengl and glut for borland c++ builder f00Dave
opengldelphi.zip source code for borland opengl tutorial borland
opengldelphi2.zip second part of borland opengl tutorial borland
glaux.zip glaux header files and dll for c++ and delphi
glunits.zip gl,glu,glut header files for c++ and delphi

delphi 3d
stars.zip runtime object creation, mouse look movement starfield demo in glscene

james d. low
GLSviewer-101.zip modification of the viewer for 3D meshes and textures

sample-plugin-dev.zip modification of trillian plugin sample to work with dev-c++5

AGain.zip modification of VST AGain plugin to work with dev-c++5

iremoted.zip modification of iremoted to have exclusive access to the remote events

dmp3 (sourceforge) directory base mp3 player

james d. low
jni2dde.zip wrapper using jni calls to a c++ written dll to do dde in java. it can do things like get information from excel into java

james d. low
gsMath.zip java maths class which will be updated with useful maths functions. right now it has a java significant figures rounding function.

james d. low
jdk142chm.zip compiled html veresion of the java sdk 1.4.2 javadocs

franck allimant
tabs.zip excel workbook tab switcher

james d. low
win32.zip one of the best guides to programming with the win32 api

default.zip skin for grandmars PV256TA mpeg 1/2 tv card

james d. low
nutcho32.zip guitar chord and scale finder, freeware. i’ve put it here because the original download is broken. i am program something similar for pda/smartphone/multi platform jtheory.

sami saarnio

If you found any of the software useful, please consider supporting its further developement by donating.


    Hi James
    This is my first time to look at your site – great to see some of the stuff you’ve been working on – it’s certainly tough working freelance/for yourself.

    But glad to find you’ve already picked up valuable lessons to success: clear boundaries (your piece about not fixing other people’s computers for free); monetizing the site (Google ads/Paypal); synergy (teamwork with Janakan); and, of course, most importantly, acknowledging the Lord in all that you do and committing it to Him.

    Keep up the good work!

    See you at Church or at Oasis.


    P.S. Incidentally, I haven’t checked every single one but, your links on this page (i.e. http://jameslow.com/work/misc/) to the various programs seem to be broken.

    11:10pm / Dec 29th / 08 Patrick Chan

    Thanks Patrick, should be sorted now!

    3:23am / Dec 30th / 08 James Low