Limelight is a presentation management application, that currently supports text song lyrics, images, powerpoint (2007 is not yet supported in Apache POI) and pdfs, but will support eventually support video and other formats as well. It also supports the apple remote on OS X. It is still beta software and there maybe some bugs, so use at your own risk. Any questions see the FAQ. It can also export slides and powerpoint to images.

Version HistorygetLatestBuild();
echo $build->version;

limelightmac     limelightvista

Road Map
0.60-0.90 Beta
Custom text layout
Multiple folders on left pane
Bible Integration
XML song format
Video / Audio support
CCLI support
Video backgrounds

Limelight iPhone
Just released! Presentation management in your pocket.

Reader Comments

  1. Ha, sorry I thought I had a link from this page already since you did the icon!

    I love the new front page to your site, but I thought you had

  2. No worries. I did have that site, but my hosting were scum and tried to cheat me into playing another year to free the domain.

    Let me know if you need any new icons designed :)

  3. Dude, I just updated Limelight to the latest version and now my Limelight doesn’t work on my iPad anymore OS 5.1.1
    I couldn’t find anything else on the market I’d want to use, or could use at this point in time, so if it could be fixed that would be awesome. I think you had something good going on there, keep at it :)

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