I’ve made a lot of wordpress plugins. A few plugins have come from using wordpress as an internal intranet / groupware tool. I’m one of the top wordpress plugin developers. My wordpress profile is found here and a list of the plugins below:

1) Facebook Comments – Import your comments from Facebook to WordPress
2) Allow Categories – Permission private / hidden categories by user
3) Private Files – Make sure users are logged in before they can view images / attachments (useful with allow categories)
4) YouTube Feed – Embed you tube videos in posts and detect Facebook feed reader, and convert to a link.
5) 3rd Party Authentication – Authenticate wordpress against gmail / google apps or email.
6) Post ToDo – Add a ToDo list to a post or page.
7) Limegreen – A plugin to read information from a limegreen update file.
8) WP Bible Gateway – Automatically insert links to bible gateway in your posts.
9) Force User Login Multisite – Force user login on a per role and per site basis
10) Database Read Replicas
11) Amazon S3 For WordPress with CloudFront

I also intend to eventually write a document mangement and SVN browser for wordpress. Oh, also I found this great site for plugin developers which documents the various “hooks” that you can use in plugins: http://wphooks.flatearth.org

Reader Comments

  1. Hey James, first off, I think the Allow Categories plugin you made rocks! I wanted to ask you whether you might have something similar for page access? Where users can be restricted to certain pages based on their username and password?

    Thanks again,


  2. Hi James,

    I noticed that you indicated your plugin GUID Fix is no longer the right way to adjust GUIDs. Any suggestions what way is? Or a hint why your way isn’t correct?


  3. I forgot what the exact problem was when I wrote the GUID fix plugin. It was something like if you changed permalinks you got broken links or some kind. It only lasted one version before wordpress did there own fix.

    WordPress now treats the GUID and the permalinks as two separate things in the database.

    The GUID is now always something like: http://www.example.com/?p=1234 where 1234 is the post id. You shouldn’t need to update it anymore and just update your permalink structure or permalink for an individual post of you want the URL to look different.

    If you really want to mess with the GUID or if something broken on your wordpress you can always do SQL on the database.

  4. Using Allow Categories, and it’s working out! But my Admin can’t see any of the blocked categories and there is no row in the Allow Categories Tool to check boxes for the Administrative roles. How can I allow the Administrators to “get all categories?”

  5. Hey James,

    Thanks for picking up the development on the Amazon S3 plugin. It has been a staple for all of my projects and for sites that I develop for others. It works great and has been super helpful in making my sites faster.

    The recent update to wordpress made significant changes to the media uploader and I imagine to the way wordpress handles media and the s3 plugin doesn’t work anymore. I have developed a few SIMPLE plugins before and I would be happy to take a stab at updating the plugin, but I fear it may be way out of my depth. Could you find some time to take a look at it and update it, or maybe point me in the right direction on where I might be able to make the updates.

    Thanks so much and God Bless

  6. Hi, I can’t take all the credit for it, I just added a few things to the Tan Tan S3 plugin which wasn’t maintained anymore. Unfortunately my job and family commitments mean I don’t have time to maintain wordpress plugins anymore. I no longer develop for wordpress based sites. If anyone else has a fix I don’t mind updating the plugin in the wordpress repository.

  7. Hey James, I found the error using php debugging, if you want to update the plugin, what I did was add isset to lines 23, 55 and 198 on the /tantan-s3-cloudfront/wordpress-s3/class-plugin.php file. I would gladly send you my edited php file if you would like to update the plugin on the repository.

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