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WordPress Bible Gateway

My latest wordpress plugin is a plugin that automatically creates links to bible gateway from reference in wordpress posts. You can get it here:

Its not perfect yet as its a modification of wp-bible, but because it uses bible gateway it has premium translations like NIV, NLT, The Message, and many more! By default it will reference which ever translation the user last looked up using in biblegateway, but this can also be specified in the options. It should handle references at least like John 3:15-16 and some others and I’m hoping to refine it further as it goes on.

Version History
Fix so that all links now include version, not just some
Added option to open links in a new window
Bible version to link to can now be specified in the options
Fix for bible references like John 3 verses 15 to 16
Initial Version

If you found any of the software useful, please consider supporting its further developement by donating.


    Works great, thank you

    12:55am / Mar 25th / 09 baron

    Thanks for this! Specifying the translation would be very helpful.

    5:33pm / Mar 25th / 09 Quena


    2:44am / Mar 26th / 09 James Low

    So, it’s linking some weird references.

    Check out: http://www.cornerstonecov.org/category/cornerstone-quick-news/

    It’s linking the end of dates and only part of Romans. (It wants to search “mans”)

    11:18pm / Mar 27th / 09 Justin

    Hi Justin. I checked out your page. The “h” on the end of the march reference is fixed in the latest version.

    The “mans” reference is actually because you have “roman” and not “romans”. Its actually linking to “man” which is short for “Manasses” part of the apocryphal which is used by the Catholic church. I wouldn’t have thought to add it but I copied a load of code from: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-bible/

    10:27am / Mar 28th / 09 James Low

    Thank you very much for looking at that, James! I didn’t notice that we had Roman instead of Romans; thanks for pointing that out.

    5:25pm / Mar 29th / 09 Justin

    Just found this plugin and installed it on an Anglican Church wev site I’m developing. I have one question. Is it possible and what would I need to change to force the gateway results to open in a new window?

    Thank you

    7:11am / Apr 1st / 09 John

    Done – 1.0.4

    8:29am / Apr 1st / 09 James Low

    We would like to provide this plugin for getting bible verses in Indian languages.Can you help me to customise it. You can email me.
    Thanks for your help.
    God bless

    11:14am / Jul 28th / 09 Doulos

    It’s Justin again. This time it’s trying to link the end of the word “August. So “August 27, 2009” links “st 27,2009”


    5:13pm / Aug 29th / 09 Justin Marty

    HI James,

    Really am happy to have found this plug-in — I’ve noticed that it doesn’t pick-up all of the translations like ESV or the NKJV….version. Examples are on this page http://www.faithandattributesofgod.org/2009/10/king-david/

    I am new to WordPress so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, is there a way to have the link open up in a new tab or window instead of re-directing to Biblegateway?

    Thank you,
    David B.

    4:35am / Oct 12th / 09 David

    Currently in the wp-admin interface you can set a single translation and set it to open in a new window.

    You can’t set a different translation for each link, but that’s a good idea, I will think about adding it in the future.


    2:59pm / Oct 13th / 09 James Low

    love the plugin! thank you. Is there a way that I can modify the code so that it when the bible verse is clicked, it opens in a new window? right now it opens in the same window taking the user away from our site. Also would be awesome if it opened in a “lightbox” style popup. The latter is of lesser importance. Again, thank you and love the plugin.

    3:34pm / Jan 1st / 10 Richard

    Check the settings. It should be in there that it allows you to.

    10:30pm / Jan 2nd / 10 James Low

    Any plans to update the addon – or at least make the necessary changes so that WP lists it as compatible with the latest version?

    8:33am / Feb 9th / 10 godkid

    Great plug-in. Thanks for your work.

    I am having trouble linking to sites with a reference in the title. It wants to link to the verse rather than the page. Any ideas?

    9:04am / Feb 9th / 10 Wayne

    I noticed that on regular english phrases about time, like “from 9:00-10:00”, it picked up “rom 9”. So it linked from the middle of the word “from”, and sent the link to Romans 9.

    To fix it, I changed the search array in the plugin specifically for Romans. I changed “Rom” to ” Rom” (added leading space). That fixed it.

    4:06am / Mar 12th / 10 Matt

    […] wp-bible-gateway : Automatically creates links to bible gateway from reference in wordpress posts […]

    Hey James, thank you so much for this plugin, it surely has been a blessing!

    I have run into an error today and cannot figure it out. Please check out a recent post: http://serious-things.com/blessings-and-responsibilities-of-believers/

    In the 2nd list of Responsibilities, around 1/2 way down (starting with Ephesians 5:10), the linky goodness is not completing and it’s cutting off the 0 in verse 10, thus linking to 5:1. It does this for the next 4-5 scripture references. I checked the HTML of these specific lines, and they are no different than all of the other scriptural references.

    Any clue? Feel free to hit me up if you need me to troubleshoot or provide any additional info. Thanks bro, blessings to you and yours.


    9:37pm / Oct 23rd / 10 Serious Things

    James, we love this plug-in and are using it for our 6,000+ free resources on our Spanish ministry website. One thing that would help us is to have it also pick up abbreviated references for the books of the Bible. We have a “dictionary” of abbreviations that we use. If we supplied the “dictionary” how much would it cost to have this added to the tool?

    6:02am / Oct 26th / 10 Brian Masters

    Thanks for your comment Brian. God Bless :-)

    11:23pm / Oct 26th / 10 James Low

    For now I don’t have a quote because I’m too busy with my other work. I’m sorry about that. I may do it sometime though.

    11:27pm / Oct 26th / 10 James Low

    Thanks for considering it. I just received the Word File of the abbreviations. If we “hack” the code and add these abbreviations in as acceptable abbreviations is that okay?

    12:19am / Nov 12th / 10 Brian Masters

    I’ve run across a strange bug that I wanted to let you know about. I had a bible reference for Romans 6:23; 8:17-18, but only “Romans 6:23” would be linked to Bible Gateway. For some reason it would skip over “; 8:17-18”. I was able to get the full link working but only when I changed the verse order to “Romans 8:17-18; 6:23.” Kind of a minor bug, but I wanted to let you know about it.

    6:12am / Jan 9th / 11 Chad

    I have set Chinese site, but it doesnt seems to recognize the non latin character.
    Eg: I have this ? ? ? ? ? 6:6-10, which doesnt link to


    8:59pm / Nov 27th / 12 Shadow