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Allow Categories

Ok, latest wordpress plugin modification. This time its of L. Fargue’s Restrict categories plugin.

  • Users are assigned permissions to view posts in certain categories
  • If users don’t have permission to certain posts, those posts aren’t shown, including in the main view and archives.
  • Categories can be made public to everyone, and there is an option to force users to login.
  • This is an initial version, so please report any errors or bugs.

1) Download the plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/allow-categories/
2) Unzip it
3) Copy to your wp-content/plugins directory
4) Activate within wordpress admin
5) Goto Managed->Allow Categories to edit permissions

Change Log:
Removed debug statement
Fix for recent posts
Remove debug statement
Added allow_list_categories($args) function that can be used in templates to replace wp_list_categories($args) functions. This is a work around until wordpress provide a proper hook for filter a list of categories, so its not perfect. It may work in place of some wp_list_cats() and list_cats() too.
Fix for (Public) posts and redirect to login
Admin users no longer show up in list for version 2.5+
Option to redirect to login if viewing a post or category that is not public and the user is not already logged in
Small bug fix to comment logic in 0.5.6
Allows editing of draft posts by non-admin owner of the draft.
Shows comment content for RSS for public posts or for RSS readers that
know that share login information with the browser (eg. Opera).
Bug fix that would show posts to users who had no categories listed.

This plugin is experimental and is provided with no support or warranty. It should not be considered as providing complete security to wordpress content.

If you found any of the software useful, please consider supporting its further developement by donating.
12:52am / Dec 2nd / 07
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    I’m trying to use cutline with a category excluder.

    I’m running into problems with ghost postings – cutline will show empty posts – no title, just a comment line – instead of not showing posts.

    Also, it seems your plugin will by default show all posts. It needs to show only those categorites that the admin allows to the public.

    10:48pm / Jan 15th / 08 Yan

    My plugin is not the category excluder, it is the category allower. So by default you should have access to no categoires, as long as you’re not an admin.

    Admin users can always see all categories, which makes sense, because they have the permission to edit if a user is in a certain category or not, including themselves.

    5:46pm / Jan 16th / 08 James Low

    I installed the plugin, but, um, where do i edit the permissions and such?

    11:51am / Jan 18th / 08 Matt

    1) Make sure the plugin is activated in the plugins menu
    2) Go to Managed->Allow Categories

    11:57am / Jan 18th / 08 James Low

    Yan, I see what you mean about it allowing all posts. This is because I use this plugin to ensure the user is logged in:

    12:55pm / Jan 21st / 08 James Low

    Would it be possible to set permissions for a not-logged-in user in future versions?

    I’m trying to set up a site with some categories visible to everyone and some categories only visible to logged in users.

    6:33pm / Jan 25th / 08 Krof

    Yea, I’m aware I need to add this, to have public categories, I’ll try get it into to a version soon.

    2:23am / Jan 26th / 08 James Low

    If you’d got that working I’d praise your work highly! ^_^

    5:52pm / Jan 26th / 08 Krof

    Ok, version 0.3.4 is released with some pretty important fixes. Users that don’t have any permissions now can’t see anything, where as before they could see everything.

    Release 0.4.0 will include the concept of public categories.

    12:04pm / Jan 27th / 08 James Low

    Ok 0.4.0 is out with public categories and optional forcing the user to log in. Try it out and let me know if anything is wrong.

    7:21pm / Jan 27th / 08 James Low

    […] Allow Categories […]

    I just installed 0.4.0 and it does not seem to quite work. My test post was visible on the blog front page to the public and to a logged in user who should not have been allowed to read it.
    When trying to read the individual page containing only that one post, the post is not displayed to the public or the logged in user, which seems correct behaviour, but the content is already revealed via the front page.
    Using WP 2.3.2
    Any ideas?

    3:18am / Jan 28th / 08 YikYak

    PS, it also seemed to stop me deleting my test posts (as the blog admin), I had to turn off the Allow Categories plugin to delete the posts, it said I wasn’t authorised to delete them with the plugin activated.

    3:46am / Jan 28th / 08 YikYak

    Yes, in my haste to fix some things that didn’t work with version > 2.3 I broke more things. There is now yet another new version 0.4.3 which should fix things :-S

    In order to get everything to work in all versions of wordpress > 2.0 I had to use a new method for filtering the posts, so there’s no guarentee I have got it work 100% correctly yet.

    10:46am / Jan 28th / 08 James Low

    I know there are two issues still:
    1) When viewing a single post, if there is a hidden post as previous or next, those links still point to those posts, although the content isn’t visible. I’m not sure if there is a way round this right now.
    2) When editing a post that you have permission to edit because it is one category, but is also in a category you don’t have permission to edit, the 2nd category is removed. I need to find the best way round this.

    11:01am / Jan 28th / 08 James Low

    Trying 0.4.4. seems better regarding my above observations, but now I have a couple of issues with “search” (maybe somehow related to other plugins?)

    With Search Everything
    I find that if I configure Search Everything to look in comments, and I hit a result in a comment in a category I’m not supposed to see, then the post content is revealed to me from the search. If I then click on that content, say to view the post in a single post view, or see the comments, then I cannot and your plugin kicks in to prevent access. But too late!

    With Search Everything, if I just try and search for content in the post, I don’t get a hit, which is what I would hope.

    Likewise, with a different search plugin, Search Unleashed.
    but here the problem is worse. If I search for content in posts I’m not supposed to be able to see, up they come in the search result (but again they are later hidden when trying to click on single posts, or category listings etc).

    I would be interested to hear your comments on this, where any conflict might lie with the different plugins.

    5:38am / Jan 29th / 08 YikYak

    Hi YikYak,

    My plugin hooks in when wordpress is queried for posts using certain functions. If another plugin or a theme query for posts using lower level functions or directly from the database, my plugin will not intercept those calls, so those plugins of themes might reveal data that would be hidden.

    Without rewriting those plugins, or wordpress providing other functionality for limiting access to posts, I’m afraid there is nothing that can be done.

    10:20pm / Jan 29th / 08 James Low

    A great function to this plugin would be to allow users access to the category AND its category children. To make it more complicated allow the user create subcategorys for the allowed categorys.

    11:47pm / Feb 4th / 08 Hanif

    Hi, James

    I installed 0.4.4 and it’s been a breeze with the installation and in allowing categories according to user categories.

    One thing, though, is that it interferes with access to Pages.

    What I have in mind is for the public to have access to all the Pages (ABOUT, CONTACT, etc). But Allow Categories restricts access to ALL Pages.

    Or am I not configuring this properly?

    9:50am / Feb 8th / 08 mished

    Yes right now that’s how it works for pages, I will have to modify to have it work fully the way you want. I’ll let you know when there’s a new version with that feature.

    10:00am / Feb 8th / 08 James Low

    It works just great and it was just what I was looking for! Thanks for your great work! :D

    5:25pm / Feb 13th / 08 Kimmono

    There are a few times I can’t filter posts or comments, this is due to wordpress and I’ve raised a request here:


    4:46pm / Feb 14th / 08 James Low

    Your plugin simply is great so thank you!
    One nice thing, as previously mentionned here, would be to have pages displayed for all users, which seems to only be the case if you are logged in as admin.



    6:01am / Feb 16th / 08 Nicolas

    Actually Nicolas, if you get the latest version there is a (Public) line at the top which will make a post visible to all users.

    7:57am / Feb 16th / 08 James Low

    Hurray, been monitoring your plugins for sometime waiting for a version to allow post for public. Finally it is here (Thanks). one question though, how to make “pages” become visible to public (since there is no category in the “pages”)

    8:49pm / Feb 18th / 08 goenw

    Love the plugin. Currently using it for a private blog of mine. What I am having problems doing is allowing RSS feeds. Because I force users to login, when they try to access the feed, it attaches itself to the login page, and not the actual posts. Any chance you can consider this for the next release?

    12:13am / Feb 26th / 08 Garvin

    Yes I know its an issue, RSS is very useful for checking whether a blog is updated. I know on the opera browser cookies are shared between the news reader and the browswer, so it can access the feed if you’re logged in already. Or if you don’t force login, public posts will be visible in the RSS feed (though not private ones).

    I will consider adding it, but I’m not sure of the best way to do this yet, as there doesn’t seem to be a standard way for logging in with RSS feeds.

    12:24pm / Feb 26th / 08 James Low

    goenw, when i have time i’ll investigate pages.

    12:26pm / Feb 26th / 08 James Low

    […] Visit […]

    Ok update on what I plan for RSS feeds.

    Going to have an option to include just the title for hidden posts in RSS feeds and an option to not have to login to view the RSS feed. Best I can come up with for now. Will let you know when there’s a new version out.

    11:07pm / Mar 14th / 08 James Low


    Thanks for the great plugin
    As you added a “default access” line for Public, could you support a “default access” line for “LoggedIn Users” so that we can have public categories and some others that are only accessible to identified users.

    Another way to do this could be to have a default access per category for each new created user, so that it gets filled up automatically.


    7:20am / Mar 18th / 08 Frederic Hannoyer

    sounds like a good idea frederic, shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

    8:28am / Mar 18th / 08 James Low

    Ok there’s a new version out, with RSS + Frederic’s request. Let me know if it works as expected.

    1:55pm / Mar 18th / 08 James Low

    really easy to use…if only allowed for page access…when that is fixed, this will be the exact plugin that I need. Thanks for your efforts!

    6:39am / Mar 19th / 08 pat

    Ok, there’s another new version which should handle pages a little better.

    10:44am / Mar 19th / 08 James Low

    Basically the way pages worked before is they were admin only unless the default category (which gets asigned to all pages) had been marked public or logged in. There is now a seperate option to make all pages public (or logged in if you have force login enabled).

    10:47am / Mar 19th / 08 James Low


    Is it posible to redirect to login page when the public users access to restriction categories?


    12:29pm / Mar 19th / 08 orakanggo

    It maybe, though the place that I’m intercepting and removing categories might be too early for that. I’ll investigate.

    12:49pm / Mar 19th / 08 James Low

    Hey James,
    I still use your plugin and I think it’s great. I’m still hoping for the “comment” bug to be fixed, but I do understand that’s on wordpress table.
    There’s one thing I would really like if you did though: a changelog. It’s kinda hard to follow what the new versions bring and I always end up going through almost all the comments in here again to make sense of the new update. Anyway, love the plugin, keep up the good work! :-)

    8:19pm / Mar 19th / 08 Krof

    Trying to run Allow Categories 0.5.3 on a new wordpress install. If I have AC active, though, I get database syntax errors. When I deactivate the AC plugin the errors no longer appear. This is while using a MySQL 5.0 database. Thoughts?

    6:13am / Mar 21st / 08 Ben

    Hi James,

    Congrats on the development of such a great plugin. How much of a pain would it be to implement a third user (or usergroup) to access certain sensitive categories (ie: Public, Logged In and Author)? I’m aware that I can password protect posts in the “Logged in” categories but it sure would be useful.

    Once again, congratulations, great work.

    7:17am / Mar 23rd / 08 Gene

    By Author, do you mean the user level author within wordpress, or do you mean author of that specific post. They are both doable, but might take me a while to get round to.

    8:13pm / Mar 23rd / 08 James Low

    […] Allow Categories […]

    Hey James,

    Thanks for replying my comment. I’d be interested in user level within WordPress if ever you have the time and inclination to do so.

    Once again, I’m really impressed with this plugin, works like a charm.


    10:37am / Mar 26th / 08 Gene

    BTW James, I saw that version 0.5.4 is out, is this a bug fix release?


    10:44am / Mar 26th / 08 Gene

    Krof: “There’s one thing I would really like if you did though: a changelog”

    I second that motion… LOL!

    10:54am / Mar 26th / 08 Gene

    yep, so change log, hahah, i never intended to make as many changes as I’ve had to to this plugin, so I never got round to being that disiplined. Maybe I will one day.

    For now 0.5.4 is a slight improvement. I had some hardcoded database names, these are now taken from the wordpress database object, so the should work on a variety of setups.

    10:21pm / Mar 26th / 08 James Low

    LOL! May I suggest that you just post the changes here, on the thread, until you decide on making a formal changelog?

    Look at it from the user’s point of view. We see a new version and we have no clue as what it is, what it does, if new features are implemented, security or bug fixes, etc..


    4:57am / Mar 27th / 08 Gene

    Hey James,
    first of all, thanks for creating this plugin! I think it’s excellent.

    I am using it for a private blog and for easier access I decided to use a subdomain for that blog.

    If I log into the blog via the subdomain route (which links me to the real path where wordpress is installed), write a post and then hit ‘visit site’ from the admin area (which links me back to the subdomain), I can’t see any posts. It is not recognized that I am logged in, consequently nothing is shown. Instead of ‘Site Admin’ is says ‘Log in’.

    Is this a problem on my end? Or is this an issue with the plugin?

    Thank you very much.

    12:42am / Apr 2nd / 08 peter

    Would it be possible that if a user gets a link to a post in a private category, that instead of getting a 404 they could be redirected to the login screen and then back to the post which they first came from? /end run on sentence

    11:06am / Apr 7th / 08 Chris

    Peter, not sure about that problem, I haven’t seen anything similar, when I get time I’ll test.

    Chris, that feature has been requested before, its on my todo list, I’ll get round to it when I have time.


    12:06pm / Apr 7th / 08 James Low

    Could you make it compatible to wp 2.5?

    5:15pm / Apr 7th / 08 Flak

    I did some very simple testing with WP2.5 and it seemed to work (AC 0.5.4), can you elaborate on what you think did not not work with WP2.5.

    1:01am / Apr 8th / 08 YikYak


    I’m using the bleeding edge (2.6) and the plugin seems to be working like it should or I haven’t gotten any issues.

    2:27am / Apr 8th / 08 Chris

    installed version 0.5.4 on wp 2.2.3. defined 2 categories and 2 users. each user was given access to 1 category. when i go to the site home page i get the following error:

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/bigmoxy/public_html/wp223/wp-content/plugins/allow-categories/allowcat.php on line 133

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘->posts p, $wpdb->post2cat p2c, $wpdb->categories c WHERE p.ID = p2c.post_id AND’ at line 1]
    SELECT p.ID FROM $wpdb->posts p, $wpdb->post2cat p2c, $wpdb->categories c WHERE p.ID = p2c.post_id AND p2c.category_id = c.cat_ID AND category_id in ();

    7:03am / Apr 9th / 08 @Tim


    Thanks, I’ll wait patiently for an update. :)

    9:05am / Apr 9th / 08 Chris


    I’ve encountered a problem with your plugin version 0.5.4 on WordPress 2.3.3 – when it’s enabled I cannot get new categories to work and I cannot access posts autosaved as drafts. I can’t even find those posts on the “manage – posts” page and if I try to access them via the “write post” page, I encounter 404 errors. When I deactivate your plugin, everything works again!

    What can I do?

    12:18am / Apr 20th / 08 Juno

    P.S.: Okay, I figured out that I first need to set the new category accessible for admin. D’OH. But what about the auto-saved drafts?

    12:24am / Apr 20th / 08 Juno

    Hi, i found your plugin as an alternative to David Coppits ‘Category Access’ solution (http://www.coppit.org/code), that – although it claims to be wp 2.3-compatible, really isn’t completely.

    Maybe you can still have a look at this plugin, as it uses a standard way to not only hide posts, but also elements from the category tree…

    Great work!
    Best regards

    6:01am / Apr 29th / 08 Hannes

    Juno, good call on auto-saved, i’ll note it down to be fixed.

    9:22am / May 3rd / 08 James Low

    I’m afraid it’s me again with another usage question … I have a category that is supposed to be visible only to users who are logged in. In the RSS, the post itself does not show up, but the comments do. If I check “forced login”, will that prevent that from happening? Or do I need to change something in my comments files (I’m using Brian’s Threaded Comments)? There’s probably a very simple solution and I’m just too dumb to see it. I’d be grateful for any help!

    1:42am / Jun 2nd / 08 Juno

    @Tim: There is a fix for your problem in the latest version.

    Juno: I’m not sure how Brian’s Thread Comments will affect things, but if you’re not logged in, then the content of comments should be blanked out. Though the fact that there is a comment should still appear in the RSS feed so people can be notified of new comments. If you force loggin though, and leave “Do not force login for feed” unchecked then no comments will appear in your feed.

    7:40am / Jun 2nd / 08 James Low

    (WP2.5.1) When I set a category to “(Public)” with “Redirect to logon if not permissioned” turned on, unauthenticated users are still being redirected. If I set “Redirect to logon…” off, they get access to the permitted categories and the “not found” behaviour for unauthorized categories. Any ideas?

    2:41pm / Jun 9th / 08 Greg O

    Found it (I think)! In line 306, I changed “$keep = false;” to “$redirect = false;” and now it seems to work fine.

    2:51pm / Jun 9th / 08 Greg O

    that was in 0.5.9

    2:51pm / Jun 9th / 08 Greg O

    ok, i’ll have a look and check other things still work. if it does i’ll include the change

    9:58pm / Jun 9th / 08 James Low

    Good call Greg, its in the latest version 0.6.0

    3:06pm / Jun 10th / 08 James Low

    Hi James,

    Nice plugin, I’ve been using it for a few months on a semi-private blog and it does the job quite well.

    The only thing I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t seem to work with “fancy” permalinks.

    Would be great to also add pages also.


    4:29am / Jun 11th / 08 Gene

    LOL, let me rephrase the last sentence.

    It would be great to be able to add “allowed pages” too.


    4:32am / Jun 11th / 08 Gene

    What do you mean fancy permalinks? I use ones like: http://jameslow.com/2007/12/02/allow-categories/

    It might be a while before I add pages, it would just get very messy for people with lots of pages to specify different permissions for each one.

    9:12am / Jun 11th / 08 James Low

    Sorry, theme related…

    I can see your point about adding pages, I’ll try to find a plugin that will hide certain pages till logged in (better than nothing…LOL!).


    10:32am / Jun 11th / 08 Gene

    What’s the best way to exclude not-allowed categories from search results? Has anyone combined Allow Categories with one of the search plugins?

    6:20am / Jun 13th / 08 Greg O

    I love your Allow Categories plugin. So simple and to the point. I am using a WP install as a project review site for customers, so it is exactly what I needed. I am now in search of an extension to your plugin that will only show categories in the sidebar that the user has access to. (Lets say client A has projects 1, 2 & 3, then I would like them to be able to see their different project categories) Any thoughts about how to do this? or if it would be hard?

    11:45pm / Jul 1st / 08 John Kaplan

    Hi thanks for your interest. I have thought about this, but wordpress currently provides no convenient place for plugins to determine which categories are listed. It currently only has a place where you can filter the outputted HTML, which is a messy place to do it, as different templates use different HTML to list categories. If wordpress expand the API I will change it so that this is done automatically.

    I have come up with a work around in the latest version (0.6.1). If you can edit your theme, you can replace any wp_list_categories() list_cats or wp_list_cats with allow_list_categories().

    12:24pm / Jul 2nd / 08 James Low

    Wow! Thanks James. I will give it a spin.

    9:49pm / Jul 2nd / 08 John Kaplan

    No matter what I do, if I am logged in or out, the content of comments posted to un-allowed posts show up in the RSS feed reader. Do you have any idea at what I have to look in order to fix that?

    9:17pm / Jul 18th / 08 Juno

    Just installed and works good, I had to change the category display function to allow_list_categories() to make this hide the categories, works a treat, thanks for the great plugin.

    2:53am / Jul 21st / 08 James Benson

    […] in 2.5, and the post revisions from 2.6. I use wordpress on some intranet pages along with allow categries and private files to control access to sensitive information. The new revisions work great because […]

    […] Allow Categories – Is a plugin that lets you control which users are allowed to see a specific category within your wordpress. It’s simple if the user is not allowed to view a post within a certain category all they see is a blank post in the end. It’s quite useful in certain cases if your website is dependent on membership basis. […]

    […] Allow Categories est un plugin qui vous permet de contrôler quels utilisateurs sont autorisés à voir une catégorie spécifique au sein de votre wordpress. C’est simple, si l’utilisateur n’est pas autorisé à voir une certaine catégorie, il verra un article vide. Il est très utile si votre site Web à une zone membre. […]

    I installed 0.6.1 version, works pretty much in the way that I expected, but if I click the archives page, post titles belonging to my restricted category are listed, if you click any of those titles instead of being redirected to the login page I got the error message posted below. If I click the category name of this restricted page I’m being redirected to login page.

    Array ( [0] => 6 [1] => 7 [2] => 5 )
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at C:\xampplite\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\allow-categories\allowcat.php:334) in C:\xampplite\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\allow-categories\allowcat.php on line 355

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at C:\xampplite\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\allow-categories\allowcat.php:334) in C:\xampplite\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\allow-categories\allowcat.php on line 356

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at C:\xampplite\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\allow-categories\allowcat.php:334) in C:\xampplite\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\allow-categories\allowcat.php on line 357

    5:42am / Sep 14th / 08 EGA

    Hi, thanx for this neat plugin.

    Do you think that it’s possible to add another function for replacement of wp_list_pages()? – I have some pages that have “invisible” categories and I want to hide them in the main-menu of the template – but the template uses wp_list_pages for displaying…

    Thanx in advance,


    10:08pm / Oct 13th / 08 Alquanto

    Sorry I’m not quite sure what feature you’re asking for. So are you saying you’re not able to change the template at all to change the function or you want additional functionality?

    8:45am / Oct 14th / 08 James Low


    I love this simple little plug-in. I’m wondering if there is a way to make it so that an RSS feed displays all posts regardless of whether it is allowed or not. It would be even better if I could customize the URL so it’s a bit more hidden.

    For instance, all posts are hidden except if they are added to a “Public” category. Even if my users are logged into WordPress, if they add the Feed to iGoogle for instance, iGoogle only displays the Public posts. I’d like it to display all of them on the feed.


    2:30am / Oct 21st / 08 Nick Marques

    Thanks for this plugin!

    When logged in, whenever you click a public post you get this error message on top of the page;

    Array ( [0] => 1 [1] => 4 [2] => 3 [3] => 6 [4] => 7 [5] => 5 )

    9:31pm / Oct 28th / 08 noshadow

    great plugin but I can only set 13 categories and I hve 40. Is there a way to get to my other categories? also it would be great to have a place to set all categories for a user at one time without checking every box. Last request would be an option to allow all registered users to see everything and visitors to see only selected categories….thanks…Jim

    1:50pm / Nov 1st / 08 JR

    I have a version where there is an “echo query” on line 153 into the file allowcat.php, who needs to be commented to avoid an Array() line to be displayed on the top of the website when we read an article. ^^

    1:14am / Nov 27th / 08 Fab

    Fixed, 0.6.2

    1:34am / Nov 27th / 08 James Low

    Hi James,
    Great plugin – it adds something which I really need. However, whilst investigating browser compatibility (a problem with IE – yes, really) I encountered an iPhone difficulty. With Allow Categories activated the front page on my 3G iPhone shows ‘Sorry no posts match your criteria’.
    This seems only to happen with the iPhone. If I de-activate Allow Categories the site behaves itself. I will investigate further but in the meantime, any ideas?

    5:22am / Dec 1st / 08 Brian D

    Hi James,
    the problem I mentioned occurs even if Allow Categories is the only activated plugin.
    I’m using WP 2.6.5

    6:07am / Dec 1st / 08 Brian D

    […] Allow Categories 0.59: Apparently still allows user access despite setting up option to deny all categories. […]

    3:17am / Dec 12th / 08 pcneked » Blog Archive » próba

    Thanks for your great job!
    And could any one tell where to download the version 0.6.2? The link of wordpress.org is still 0.6.1.

    2:48pm / Dec 12th / 08 Anthony

    3:09pm / Dec 12th / 08 Anthony

    […] 原因は新たに入れた「Allow Categories」と言うプラグインでした….(;_;) なんか? […]

    […] Allow Categories […]

    […] Allow Categories […]

    Thanks for this wonderful plugin!!

    I noticed that “Recent Posts” listing was showing all posts , I added
    add_filter(‘getarchives_where’, array(‘Allow_Category’,’allow_where’));
    in the plugin file, and apparently it’s working now.

    11:01pm / Jan 8th / 09 Fernando

    Hey thanks man, I’ll try work it into the next version of allow categories.

    12:49am / Jan 9th / 09 James Low

    Hi. Does this plugin work with WordPress 2.7?

    6:49am / Jan 12th / 09 Abi Davis

    […] http://jameslow.com/2007/12/02/allow-categories/ Download Plugin! Version 0.6.3 Last Updated: January 8, 2009 Author: […]

    11:58pm / Jan 30th / 09 Allow Categories

    Does allow categories limit the RSS feed? If not how can I limit the RSS feed?

    9:29am / Feb 28th / 09 Dan

    Blocks the selcted category fine, but when i go directly to a page, this appears on the top left of page “Array ( [0] => 8 [1] => 9 [2] => 1 )” in both firefox and IE while completely reassembling the page in IE.

    Hope this is clear and that you can help?


    9:14pm / Mar 17th / 09 Ethan

    In answer to Ethan, we had the same problem and
    solved it by commenting out lines 333-334 in

    // print_r($catUser);
    // print_r($cats);

    Why are these two print_r statements here?
    Possibly for debugging?

    3:07am / Mar 28th / 09 Michael Lewis

    Fixed in SVN, sorry that statement made it in there!

    9:24am / Mar 28th / 09 James Low

    Works great, thank you

    11:23am / Mar 28th / 09 baron

    Hi James,

    thanks for the plugin. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

    But now, I have a problem, I’m working on a site and I use a static page as front page, and I need to allow some users to access some categories. When I activate the plugin and refresh the main page, show me the message I use for no logged in users, not the info of the main page, can you help me?

    When I desactivate the plugin, the info on the main page is normal.


    7:28am / Apr 8th / 09 David


    I fix my error, but now, I check the permission to allow a user go inside a category and login with that user, but if I write another category in the browser url, the user can see that category even if the user don’t have that permission.


    1:23pm / Apr 8th / 09 David

    Is this plugin still under development and will it work with WP 2.7.1 without a glitch?


    4:01am / May 25th / 09 Gene

    I haven’t got round to try things on 2.7.1

    The plugin is still under developement, but there are just other priorities for me right now. Sorry!

    1:42pm / May 25th / 09 James Low

    Hi–great plugin, but the category name still appears in the category list even if not logged in as the permitted user. Does your plugin have an option to manipulate the list so that when the permitted user is not logged in the respective category name does not appear. If there is no capability here to that effect, do you know how this can be configured (other plugin or code?).

    Thks very much


    11:00am / Jun 14th / 09 sam

    In your templates you can use the function:
    To replace:

    As wordpress doesn’t have a hook for intercepting the listing of categories.

    8:20am / Jun 16th / 09 James Low

    Hi. Thanks for this great plugin. I’m using WordPress MU. I’ve installed the plugin, but when I check five categories to be allowed (on a user with role as editor) and I log in as this user, I can still see all of the categories in the list.

    Please can you advise?

    Thanks very much.

    4:45pm / Jul 2nd / 09 Adam

    hi james, thank you for your plugin. but it seems like conflict with the plugin “theme my login”. Once i deactivate the “AC”, “TML” has no problem at all. Please advise.

    6:48pm / Jul 8th / 09 Derrick Soo

    hi james, i plan to set up a website with your plugin “allow categories”. but it need to change a bit of your plugin. coz i will create more than hundred categories, so in this case, the “allow categories” admin panel will not so friendly with your current admin layout.(i tried before). so do u available to develop it? i plan to donate USD50.00. please email me for further discussion. thx.

    2:39pm / Jul 12th / 09 Derrick Soo

    Derrick, I’ve emailed you, did you get it?

    9:20am / Aug 4th / 09 James Low

    Hi James, I just installed your plugin but have a problem which, I think, has been mentioned in an earlier comment: I am allowing a category only to logged in users and it hides the posts but the comments to the hidden posts are still visible for everyone. Could I be doing something wrong?


    1:57am / Aug 7th / 09 Ole

    Hi, James,

    First, thank you for this great plugin! I think it is very useful.

    Just want to bring to your attention that it currently does not work with sticky posts. I.e. Sticky posts are displayed regardless of its in a category not permitted to the public.

    Hope you can look into it when you get a chance.

    12:06am / Aug 22nd / 09 Blogtips

    Yep, I’ll have a look at that. Have never tried it with sticky posts, so when I get time I’ll try.

    3:21am / Aug 22nd / 09 James Low

    Does this plugin work with wordpress 2.8.x
    I don’t see anything being added to the admin panel after activating.

    5:01am / Nov 17th / 09 verstft


    your plugin is really great, I am using it for an university project.

    Though I have got one problem. I gave all users the permission to view certain categories. If a user has the right to read the posts in category A, and he should not be able to read in category B (that works quite well) he can write in that category. Is there a possibility that those users can only see the categories they should be able to write into in the editing screen?

    Thanks in advance!

    2:26am / Nov 20th / 09 Jan

    Your plugging for WordPress: Allow Categories
    will be you it updated for the version 2.8.6?

    Otherwise how to render compatible it?

    Thank you

    2:08am / Dec 5th / 09 Didpoy

    […] http://jameslow.com/2007/12/02/allow-categories/ そのまんまですが、表示するカテゴリを指定します。 RSSの制御もやってくれて便利です。 コメントをどうぞ | トラックバック […]

    Hi James

    Let’s say I allocate a specific category to a specific user. Is it possible that only this user can see the category in the category widget?


    9:47pm / Jan 27th / 10 TIMIT

    If you select one authorized category and after you select another prohibed category, the post is published on all selected category !


    12:59am / Feb 5th / 10 andre

    Great plugin, so simple and easy to use compared to others I experimented with to do what yours did in an instant.

    Hope you keep updating it.


    6:32am / Mar 10th / 10 Leigh

    I just wanted to let you know that v0.6.4 of Allow Categories is having some issues with WP 2.9.2.

    I was receiving intermittent 404 errors throughout my site. After several hours of troubleshooting with tech support we discovered it was related to a plugin. It ended up being Allow Categories.

    Worked fine in Firefox, but errors with Safari and Chrome. Running on an Apache server with PHP v5.2

    8:28am / Mar 17th / 10 John

    Turns out the plugin is messing with the .htaccess file. It worked fine for a long time so I’m not sure what happened. I think it is conflicting with custom permalink structures.

    2:01am / Mar 27th / 10 John

    This plugin is perfect for what I need, but one thing is missing : it doesn’t work for sticky notes.
    I’d like to create a special category to be visible for public users only – that’s the easy part and works fine with the plugin as is.
    However, I want the posts in this category to always show at the beginning, as the posts will contain text to entice people to log in. The only way to ensure the post will be at beginning is to use sticky notes.
    Now, if I set a note as sticky, it’ll be displayed for all users regardless of plugin setting…
    Can sticky notes be taken in consideration as well?

    10:13am / May 7th / 10 Jérôme

    Hi James.
    When I use your plugin in my offline server in a site then everything is working fine, but when I use in public site, then I have a problem. I’l try to explain what really I mean. Wwhen I press some category (with premition only for user) from list, then I’m redirected to login site, an then after enter correct login and password I should be redirected to category which I selected before right? , but unfortunately I’m not redirected, What hapen after is login site asking me 3 times for login and password and then I’m redirected to user profile ,which is incorrect. It’s very strange, becouse when I use i.e http://www.yoursite.com/wp-login.php , then login site asking for login and password only ones.
    Please Jame help me some how, where I should change the code to work this great plugin fine.

    6:48am / Jun 29th / 10 Benq

    Hey James,

    It would be great if you could update Allow Categories to work with WordPress 3.0. Currently, if you enable the plugin, *you cannot create or edit any pages*. So if I want to have pages, I have to disable the plugin, create or edit the content, and then enable it again.

    We’re all indebted to you for the great plugin – but sometimes life gets in the way. If you don’t have time to maintain it, it would be awesome if you could pass it on to someone who can!

    6:41am / Jul 20th / 10 Please Update Allow Categories

    […] Allow Categories […]

    I use the coffe2code get recent post:

    it has an argument:
    $categories = ”, // space separated list of category IDs — leave empty to get all
    how do I integrate your restricted list of categories in this??

    Grateful if you could help me.

    8:34pm / Sep 8th / 10 Dingoe

    Hi James, I just developed a new function for the plugin.
    The point is to filter the navigation menu, so that the non-public categories don’t show if you’re not logged-in.
    I’m totally new at this so can I send you the modification and you update the plugin directly.
    If you don’t want to do it I can register a new plug in with both our code in it.

    9:37pm / Oct 12th / 10 askaline

    […] J’ai modifié le plugin Allow Categories (http://jameslow.com/2007/12/02/allow-categories/) […]


    I m bit puzzled about the ”redirect” feature. If I tick the box ”Redirect to login if not permissioned” I would expect the non-registered user to be pointed to the login page. Instead a ”Page not found” appears. Is this how itțs supposed to work or am I missing something.

    Right now, this is the only ticked box in the settings section. All others are clear.

    Many thanks!

    11:10am / Oct 26th / 10 Andrushka

    Hi James,

    I cannot find the managed/allow categories option. Where is it ?

    I am using wp 3.02

    Thnx !

    6:43pm / Dec 5th / 10 Arie

    […] 3.Allow Categories […]

    […] 原因は新たに入れた「Allow
    Categories」と言うプラグインでした….(;_;) なんか? […]

    Overall this thing works great!

    The only problem that I’m running into is that it seems to block administrators from editing/deleting/etc. anything that has to do with the categories when logged into wp-admin.

    I dont know how hard it would be to add a default [allow all access] option for administrators, but that would deffinitely help. I hate having to de-active the plugin in order to manage the site from the backend.

    WP: 3.0.4

    7:05am / Feb 4th / 11 Heather Scott

    WordPress version 3.1
    Allow category 0.6.6
    When I nwant to create a new post I get the message:
    You are not autorised to delete posts in this category.

    i disable the plugin “allow categorie: , and then I can create a new post.

    What could be the problem?

    3:29am / Apr 4th / 11 Peter

    Hi James,

    Is it possible to have it work for child/parent categories without checking the child categories individually?

    Hope to hear from u soon.

    1:14am / May 18th / 11 Lau

    I love your plugin, but I see two things I would like to know:

    1. Is there a way to mod it to redirect a user to a page if they aren’t allowed to see that category (eg the home page) but not force them to log in again?

    2. More importantly, i have a sidebar I include on all PHP files that calls subpages. The problem is that I dont want the sidebar called if the user isn’t allowed to see that category. The plugin successfully blocks the actual content from showing, but does not block sidebar. Is there a way to “test” (Eg a conditional) such as so i dont display content?

    11:23pm / Jun 22nd / 11 jonesy

    […] using the allow categories wordpress plugin, but since the “recent” upgrades (I tend to postpone updates) some […]

    Hi James,

    I fixed a few bugs in your plugin so we don’t have to disable the plugin when adding a post and so we can see unattached images in the library again.

    I put the source of my changes on my blog. If you like you can update your plugin with the changes.

    Source: http://www.flogiston.net/blog/2011/07/12/update-of-allow-categories-wordpress-plugin/

    Kind regards

    6:30am / Jul 13th / 11 Flogiston

    Ok, I’ll have a look at integrating it in to the main code, but really busy recently. Thanks a lot!

    5:58pm / Jul 15th / 11 James Low

    We’ve made use of Allow Categories for our children’s theater web site. I’m wondering if you might modify the management page to list the users alphabetically in your next update.

    4:01am / Sep 13th / 11 Tad

    […] Allow Categories […]

    11:18pm / Nov 5th / 11 oneSwarm - ????????

    I think this plugin have problem with wordpress 3.3.

    9:46pm / Dec 13th / 11 mark

    When I install allow categories, I can´t edit the categories and the pages. How i can fix this?

    2:16am / Dec 17th / 11 Dídac

    Same problem than Didac and same thinking than mark ;)

    5:47am / Dec 19th / 11 Le Marroneur

    It was working well before I updated to 3.3, now it won’t let administratos see most of the posts.

    12:03am / Dec 26th / 11 Arturo Taipa

    I use allow categories for my website. After update wordpress to version 3.3 the plugin isn’t working correct. Please help!

    7:47am / Dec 29th / 11 Alfred

    WordPress update 3.3.1 solved the problems!

    11:55pm / Jan 4th / 12 Alfred

    just to let you know, there seems to be a Problem with event categories in all roles except admins. Activating “Allow Categories” gives everyone except admins an error when publishing an event (“you are not allowed to post in this category”).
    lg stefan

    11:06pm / Feb 14th / 12 stefan

    I installed “allow categories” on my wp 3.3.1. website. It works but not correct when I edit menu’s as admin.
    As soon as I attach a category (accessable for limited users) to the main menu, it disapears from the menu in the admin panel when saving. Only solution is to disable the pluging “allow categories”; make the menu with the category; save that and then enable the plugin ‘allow categories’.
    So as admin I cannot make menu’s with categories when the plugin is enabled.

    2:10am / Apr 2nd / 12 eric


    Great plugin! Thanks!

    I have some categories listed in the side bar. Is there a way to not show them to users that do not have the rights to see the categories?


    Having restrictions for user groups or roles would be great. Maybe some combination with role manager?



    10:25pm / May 6th / 12 stefan

    I have WordPress 3.3.2 installed and Allow Categories plugin 0.6.6.
    Plugin works but not correct: registered users can access to all categories even they have no permissions in plugin’s settings. Please, help!

    5:37pm / May 14th / 12 Ed

    Sorry, i have put check on (Loged) – that’s why i had trouble. All works!! Thank’s!

    11:19pm / May 14th / 12 Ed

    Users are not in alphabetical order nor can I find way to sort. Attempting to match large number of categories with large number of users and difficult if not impossible to navigate one page settings for this plugin.

    11:30am / May 18th / 12 Steve

    Having problems with menu items and categories that are only visible for certain user groups. If you can contact me by email i can give you the credentials to an test installation where you can see the problem in action.

    Basicly WordPress doesn’t wan’t to save menu items that are restricted for certain users. When i put checkmarks on all items for (logged in users) it works fine BUT then the module loses functionality ;-)


    5:10am / May 31st / 12 Reind

    Hi James, I think you’ve developed a great plugin but now it does not work ( I think you already know) in WP 3.4.2 registered users can access to all categories even they have no permissions in plugin’s settings. Each user can see all categories posts.

    Are you seriously planning update the plug in?
    if not can you recommend a workaround or another plugin that makes what yours did?


    10:09pm / Sep 22nd / 12 Miguel Alas

    Everybody ,i really appreciate the painstaking work you all have done in order to get “All Categories “plug in working.it is very useful to me and i will look forward to support your work in near future.

    Thank You once again

    Mukesh Shivji
    Danuc Robotics

    3:32pm / Dec 6th / 12 Mukesh Shivji

    […] or Allow Categories (http://jameslow.com/2007/12/02/allow-categories/) to permission your […]


    I am using “allow categories” which is simple and great but I have trouble because it blocks a slider. The slider works and seems to create particular posts with only “featured image” which are displayed one after the other. There is no category, and therefore my sliders can’t appear. Is there a way to invert allow categories into forbid categories in the php code. I’ve looked quickly but couldn’t find it.
    Thanks for the plugin, hope you’ll be able to help

    11:52pm / Aug 1st / 13 valerian

    Hi, it seems that the plugin is broken under V4. When the plugin is active and you log in to protected categories, it the goes to file not found for ALL categories… Any ideas?


    10:28pm / Oct 24th / 14 mp

    Hey James!

    Thanks for at great plugin! Really appreciated.

    I have encountered a problem: “allow categories” blocks non-logged-in-user from seeing my portfolio items created in my theme (X by themeco). And the categories of the portfolio items doesn’t show up in “allow categories”-window so there’s nothing i can do about this.

    Any advice?

    11:55pm / Jan 24th / 15 Steffen

    Hi. Your plugin really works. But i do get some warning while i adding a new post for a category. This is the warning:

    “Warning: ob_start(): non-static method Allow_Category::allow_removeCategorySelection() should not be called statically in C:\xampp\htdocs\KnowledgeBase\wp-content\plugins\allow-categories\allowcat.php on line 181”

    5:21pm / May 28th / 15 Eugene