3rd Party Authentication

3rd Party Authentication is a wordpress plugin that allows wordpress to authenticate against other authentication systems. These include:

  • Gmail / Google Apps
  • Any generic POP/IMAP email service
  • http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/3rd-party-authentication/

    Known Issues
    There is a known issue related to the google login, sometimes it requires the user to enter a captcha (one of those pattern of fuzzy letters), especially if a user types the wrong password. At the moment the plugin doesn’t handle this, and may stop the user using this service. You can fix this by going here: https://www.google.com/accounts/DisplayUnlockCaptcha

    Change log
    Fix so auto creating users populates email field allowing more than on user to be created! Thanks Cody!
    Added text on login page to indicated regular logins work
    Bug fix for when using default port
    Remove blank from the list in 0.1.7
    Fix for if wp_authenticate already declared
    Added google apps domains to the list
    Shows a list of domains that can be logged in using
    Can now auto create users

    Reader Comments

    1. The best thing you can do is FTP to your site and remove the plugin.

      If you want to try again, you can try again you can make sure “allow regular logins” is checked, so that your existing logins work.

    2. I have been trying to get this plugin to work for days now. I was getting a ‘Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class HTTPRequest’ In which I edited the ‘httplib.php’ file to work like this:

      if(class_exists(‘HTTPRequest’) != true)
      //Class that implements the request on line 12

      This allowed me to activate the plugin, I have then gone into the settings and made it so that users are automatically created and it is authenticateing against my domain. But it is still not working. I tried to login using my account, and it didn’t work. I tried to use another user that there was no account for and got this error:

      Fatal error: Call to undefined method HttpRequest::Post() in /opt/apps/intranet/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/3rd-party-authentication/googleclientlogin.php on line 15

      Are these issues related? Has anyone else run into this problem?


    3. I’ve got the same trouble. I was using wordpress 2.7 and when I activated this plugin (0.2.3) it would say that it crashed because of a fatal error but it didn’t show what the error was. After updating to 3.1 it shows the same error you describe above.

    4. Ok I managed to fix it by changing the class name and every reference to HTTPRequest to HTTPRequest1. I’m now getting the error

      Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to ssl://www.google.com:443 (Connection timed out) in /var/www/blog/wp-content/plugins/3rd-party-authentication/httplib.php on line 112

      This could be a http proxy server issue as I have had to solve a similar error with akismet but I’m not a PHP programmer so I don’t know what changes to make for this plugin. Has anyone solved this?

    5. The plugin works great. But whenever a username is entered it creates an account for that username even if that user is not present in the google apps database. Is there anyway of stoping this?

    6. Hey,

      Im running this plugin – works 80% … imap login is fine, user get created – but also if the imap login was not successfull!!! thats not very usefull. And im NOT able to login it just creates the user but he cant log finaly in. I would love to see this working.. tell me if i can help!

    7. another one… using google stuff works fine! but i cant auth vs my own imap… user get created… but he cant login … tells me bad password (setting the newly-created-wp users password to the imap password it is working ;) )

    8. Auto register users in login


      Your plugin is very great and useful for me, but with a web that I make with wordpress, I have a problem with a little change : From your plugin, I only need the function that auto create users if they don’t exists, or refresh their data if they exists, all in the login page.

      I only need that this users are created or updated in the login, without go to register link because this people don’t know so much about web and technology.

      I have tried removing some functions from 3rd-party-authentication.php, but it does not work….

      I hope you can help me, thanks a lot for your time, regards from Mexico

      P.D. I’m learning English, excuse my errors

    9. Hello,

      I am having a WordPress website (lets assume it: http://www.a.com).

      Now there is an another website (lets assume it: http://www.b.com).

      http://www.b.com is already using its own google apps login system with it, for its own users.

      Now, I want http://www.a.com to use that same google apps login system of
      http://www.b.com. So, the users who already registered themselves with
      http://www.b.com, can also log in to the http://www.a.com, with the same userid (for example: [email protected]) and
      password. And I don’t need any separate google apps login system with
      the http://www.a.com since it will completely use http://www.b.com‘s google apps login

      Please guide me to make this thing done and oblige me thereby.


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