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Facebook Comments

IMPORTANT: Facebook comments isn’t working right now, I’m looking for someone to take over this to make it work. Leave a comment.

Basically a new version can start using the facebook comments API for notes, but will still have to match note ids to wordpress URLs by screen scraping facebook like the original plugin.

Old Info:
For a while I’ve been using Adam Hill’s facebook comment importer, to get comments from facebook back in to my blog. I recently realised it wasn’t working, so I tried Thomas Albright’s edit, no joy there either. Did some debugging and got it working my self. You can download it here: facebooknotes.php.

All new changes have been commented incase they need to be moved back, though I think my version is the only one being actively maintained at the moment.

Change Log:
Latest fixes for facebook with changes from Benjamin Trice
Option to not import comments for posts whose comment status is closed.
Should work for pages and situations where there facebook user specified in wordpress isn’t friends with the commenter on the note.
Removed debug statement
Fix for the latest version of facebook!
Option not to notify (email) of new comments from facebook
Option to import from every page of notes from facebook, not just the first one.
Version 2.5.1 introduced that the GUID might not be the permalink (http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/6492). The plugin now uses a different method for converting the URL to a post ID. Should also fix some earlier problems with the “Original Comment Post Not Found” error.
Version 0.26 with fix for latest facebook HTML mark up
Fix added by Aaron Harp to allow thie plugin to work with feedburner

If you found any of the software useful, please consider supporting its further developement by donating.
6:50pm / Nov 18th / 07
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    Facebook seriously need an API for this, and for groups.

    7:19pm / Nov 18th / 07 James Low

    Ok, another update to facebook’s html broke the plugin again, hopefully I’ll have a fix soon.

    11:03am / Nov 23rd / 07 James Low

    Ok its fixed, version 0.21. Also found a bug related to people commenting more than once, which is fixed as well. Can use the same link as before.

    12:59pm / Nov 23rd / 07 James Low

    This is an example comment from facebook…

    12:01pm / Nov 25th / 07 James Low (via Facebook)

    I tried installing verion 0.21 and I get a “fatal error” when I try to activate the plugin. I am changing the extention of the text file from .php.txt to .php Am I doing something wrong?

    10:56am / Nov 26th / 07 Dany

    yep, should change from .php.txt to .php

    What version of wordpress are you using?

    11:01am / Nov 26th / 07 James Low

    I am using version 2.2.1.

    11:08am / Nov 26th / 07 Dany

    I’ve tried on version 2.1.3 to 2.3.0

    11:09am / Nov 26th / 07 James Low

    haha, ok, while i’ve tired on version 2.1.3 and 2.3.0, not on all version inbetween. hmmm. let me see if I can install that version on my test blog.

    11:10am / Nov 26th / 07 James Low

    It seems that the facebook developers are trying to keep pace with us “hackers”. Since their revenue now depends on ads, FB is trying to keep all functionality WITHIN facebook pages (more ads displayed).

    A bit short-sighted if you ask me.

    11:25am / Nov 26th / 07 Dany

    yea, they’re missing tons of functionality from their API, and I think opensocial is a much better idea.

    I’ve tried the plugin on 2.2.1 and it activates, I’m on php 5+, but I’m not sure its that. Have you tried the older versions of the plugin from Adam’s site? I haven’t changed much of the code, so activation should be the same, so if those work, this should work. I mainly changed some of the regular expressions and things.

    11:33am / Nov 26th / 07 James Low

    I just upgraded to WordPress Version 2.3.1. And I just re-installed v.0.21 for the plugin. I used the “manually import” button and it detected the comments from facebook, it said that the comments were added to the WP database… BUT STILL, they do not show up in my page.

    11:39am / Nov 26th / 07 Dany

    Yes, I tried the 0.1 version on both of my WP version. Hmmm…

    I appreciate your help and time. Please find me in facebook, I could not find you. Thanks bro.

    11:42am / Nov 26th / 07 Dany

    * is there a delay? WordPress is saying that the comments found from FB are already in the database. Nothing shows up. Any ideas?

    11:46am / Nov 26th / 07 Dany

    This is why it is not working. Because although WP detects and imports the comment, it does not associate it with the correct post, as it is shown in the “# 0” at the end string.

    “Nov 25, 10:48 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — # 0”

    11:57am / Nov 26th / 07 Dany

    ha, sorry this is such a hack, there shouldn’t be a delay, the output that say’s they’re in the database only occurs if they have been selected back from the DB, so if you go to your mysql database they should be in there.

    yes, it does seem that maybe they’re not associated with the correct post. They did the last time I tested on mine. I’ll ad a comment from facebook, and try again.

    12:00pm / Nov 26th / 07 James Low

    hmmmmm… ok my test comment appears, but the date / time stamp is wrong because it doesn’t take into account the time difference between my blog and facebook.

    I wonder why yours isn’t finding the correct post?

    12:06pm / Nov 26th / 07 James Low

    just been going through the code, the plugin detects which post to apply the comment to by using the guid from the database, and comparing with with the url extracted from the facebook “view original post” link.

    if the url fed into facebook from your RSS feed is different from the one in the database, it would fail to find the correct post.

    12:24pm / Nov 26th / 07 James Low

    Thanks, James. The problem was that I was using a feedburner plugin to redirect the rss feed to a central location to keep track of subscribers.

    I was using the rss feed to import posts into FB. That is the reason why the Notes in FB (original posts) and the WP posts were not matching.

    I had other upgrading issues. Resolved them now.

    Conclusion: Plug-in version 0.21 works like a charm. Thanks.


    2:29pm / Nov 26th / 07 Dany

    great, haha until facebook change something and I have to fix things all over again…

    8:47am / Nov 27th / 07 James Low

    can u add support for characters like æøå?

    4:53am / Dec 5th / 07 Patrick

    THANK YOU! It’s nice to have this working again :D

    5:29am / Dec 5th / 07 David Hildreth

    Testing other characters æøå hehehe

    9:05am / Dec 6th / 07 James Low (via Facebook)

    Hi Patrick, I’ll try and see what I can do, no promises on time though :-)

    4:08pm / Dec 6th / 07 James Low

    Hey patrick I just ran a test posting a comment from facebook and it does support the characters you mentioned.

    Let me know if there’s anything you think isn’t working for you.

    9:09am / Dec 7th / 07 James Low

    I just added the plug, and it looks fantastic. Thanks for the time you’ve put into it.

    9:34am / Dec 17th / 07 Dan

    […] I end up with comments on the blog and some on Facebook. Thankfully, I found a neat little script that pulls in Facebook comments into WordPress, making everything consolidated. […]

    8:50am / Dec 20th / 07 Keith Mander’s Blog » Aaargh!

    I’m running on WP v2.1, and it’s not doing anything for me, not even wrong posts, moderation, nada.
    Maybe I’m having the same prob as aforementioned, because I’m importing my FB from a feedburner feed of my WP site? If so, then.. well, I guess i’ll just have to do a CBA of what I prefer, is there no hope though/then? I think I only had a comment on one of my notes, which was sometime back…

    6:30am / Dec 31st / 07 Ajay Tallam

    Installed plugin, was working great, but now all comments are going to entry #0 and don’t display. Any ideas?


    3:07am / Jan 22nd / 08 Neil Forker

    […] More information and the latest version can be found here: http://jameslow.com/2007/11/18/wordpress-plugin-facebook-comments/ […]

    11:08pm / Jan 22nd / 08 Facebook Comments_Wordpress plugin

    Hi, I submit my site to FB Notes with this address: http://blog.url.com/feed/ (url being my website, obviously) – and it import comments, but all say they are for post #0. Have I used the wrong URL for FB?


    12:14pm / Feb 9th / 08 Tracey

    Yes, this seems to be a problem with some people’s setup. Its really hard for me to test and figure out why because it doesn’t do it for mine, and several others. I will keep thinking and working on this problem though.

    12:21pm / Feb 9th / 08 James Low

    Thanks! Much appreciated.

    1:02pm / Feb 9th / 08 Tracey

    Hi again,

    My issue appears to be ‘fixed’, so I thought I’d share some information with people who may have been having the same issue.

    I was using http://www.url.com/feed/ as my link in FB and my comments were being imported, but linked to the non-existent post #0.

    I tried again, this time using http://www.url.com/?feed=rss2 – and bingo! Works like a charm.

    Hopefully this can help some other people.


    12:30pm / Feb 11th / 08 Tracey

    I haven’t checked, but it sounds to me the plugin might not be detecting that http://www.url.com/feed/ is that same as http://www.url.com/feed, with no back slash.

    8:37am / Feb 12th / 08 James Low

    Or maybe it has something to do with the GUIDs in the database. I’m a little confused now. I use http://www.url.com/feed/rss/

    8:49am / Feb 12th / 08 James Low

    Ok, I just changed my facebook to use http://www.url.com/feed/ and it still works, so it mst be something to do with the permalinks looking differnt in different feeds, glad yours is working now htough.

    9:09am / Feb 12th / 08 James Low

    Hi James,
    I installed version 0.22 of Facebook Comments onto WordPress v2.3.3, and I can’t seem to get it to do anything.

    When I click “Import Comments Manually,” I get the message “Manually importing comments… ” and then nothing else happens.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    The feed I am importing into Facebook Notes is:

    Thanks for all your hard work on this plugin!

    2:16pm / Feb 13th / 08 Pete

    Pete, not sure what happens, check that there are comments attached to post #0, that seems to be a reoccuring problem that happens.

    If its not that, send me a screenshot of the wordpress admin screen when its doing that.

    As i’ve said before, this is a bit of a hack, taken from someone else’s broken code, so it might take a while to figure out all the issues.

    5:41pm / Feb 13th / 08 James Low

    Thanks for the quick response! I really appreciate this.

    I have posted a screen capture here of what happens right after I click When I click “Import Comments Manually”:

    And the full Facebook Notes address I’m trying to import comments from is:

    I’d love to hear any suggestions / advice you have.

    8:17am / Feb 14th / 08 Pete

    I forgot to mention — I don’t have a post #0 on my blog. I deleted it. The earliest post I have is #3. I don’t know if this has any effect.

    3:49am / Feb 15th / 08 Pete

    I’m not sure what happened, but this plugin magically started working today.

    I didn’t change anything on my wordpress blog (I haven’t even logged in / posted in a week and a half). But somehow the comments started coming through.

    Very odd, but I’m not complaining!

    10:55am / Mar 8th / 08 Pete

    So is there still no certain fix for the #0 thing? I’ve tried all the above and still no go… :(

    12:16pm / Mar 12th / 08 Corey Campbell

    really hard to test as it hasn’t done it to my blog and i can’t seem to make it do it, but i think its just happened to one of my friends, so i may be able to get access to debug.

    12:27pm / Mar 12th / 08 James Low

    Cool. I’d love to hear a solution for this.

    1:27pm / Mar 14th / 08 Corey Campbell

    hahaha, good news everyone, my blog is now doing the #0 post thing, so i can really dig into this and figure out what on earth is happening, and hopefully have a solution for everyone!!!!!

    11:05pm / Mar 14th / 08 James Low

    hey everyone, so i gather that this plugin can only be used to get your comments from your own individual facebook account, not from groups that you started. is that right? when i set it up and give it my name, password, etc., it keeps telling me that i have to authorize the plugin access before i can continue…even though i fill in all the info. suggestions?

    8:17am / Mar 16th / 08 Kelly

    0.23 New version!
    There’s a new version out, with a couple of changes. Firstly there’s a fix for comments appearing on Post #0. Firstly it won’t import the comments at all if that happens, so you shouldn’t get those appearing in your database. Secondly I’ve changed some of the code to better detect if post URL. Let me know if it works for you.

    Kelly, yep, only from individual accounts, RSS feeds that are setup to import that way. As far as i know, groups don’t support importing feeds via RSS.

    2:00pm / Mar 17th / 08 James Low

    So, it no longer imports comments with a post of #0, but I can’t figure out how to have it grab any of my facebook comments still. Error, original comment post not found… is what I always get. All my information is correctly entered into the fields. What could be resulting in this problem. My RSS feed is http://blogs.mkcproductions.com/webmastercorey/feed/

    8:01am / Mar 21st / 08 Corey Campbell

    I’m also having the same issue (“Error, original comment post not found…)

    But, i’m also having issues with Fotobook (which imports your photo albums from Facebook.)

    the only thing Facebook related, which works for me, is Wordbook.

    10:03pm / Mar 21st / 08 Steve Richardson

    This is the plugin that I’ve been looking for, it’s a great one! Are you in the process of making it compatible with WordPress 2.5?

    5:21am / Apr 8th / 08 Puissance

    At some point I will upgrade my blog to 2.5, so I’ll be doing some testing for that, will keep you posted.

    1:35pm / Apr 8th / 08 James Low

    Did the Feedburner issue ever get figured out? Feedburner rewrites all the post permalinks for stats keeping so the plugin looks up these URLs and doesn’t find anything. I’ll probably go in and figure this out later, but I wanted to check first and see if someone had fixed it. It’d be nice to fix this in the main release as many people use Feedburner for their feeds. Thanks for your work on this.

    11:26am / Apr 12th / 08 Aaron Harp

    I’ll have a look at it sometime, probably won’t be for a while. I’ve got to upgrade a lot of blogs I maintain to wordress 2.5 first.

    If you figure out something that works first though let me know, and I’ll include it in the official version of the plugin.

    11:34am / Apr 12th / 08 James Low

    James…here is a link to an update that resolves Feedburner URLs: http://www.aaronharp.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/facebook-comments.zip

    3:15pm / Apr 12th / 08 Aaron Harp

    A great idea for a plugin — is there anything I’m supposed to do to modify the plugin so it’ll work? I’ve set up my FB to receive my WP posts and I’ve got comments over at FB that I’d love to have appear on my WP post… but I’ve installed the plugin and the posts aren’t showing up.
    Any help would be appreciated – thanks!

    10:18pm / Apr 14th / 08 Dianab

    Hi Aaron, thanks for doing that fix to make it work with feedburner. Its now in the main repository as version 0.25

    3:50pm / Apr 24th / 08 James Low

    Hi James, I’ve installed it on my wordpress 2.5, but its not working. The plugin page says its compatible up to 2.3, so, should I wait for your magic?

    9:31am / Apr 28th / 08 Cliff

    I’m getting an “original comment post not found” error when I try and get comments from Facebook.

    8:46am / Apr 29th / 08 David Hildreth

    Yep, that problem still occurs for some people. I’ll keep trying to figure out why.

    9:22am / May 3rd / 08 James Low

    I really appreciate the work you guys are doing. I had a look at the source there, and there’s enough regexes in there, I’m surprised even PHP can understand them.

    I’m getting the “Error, original comment post not found…” error, and it’s driving me nuts. But there’s no way I’m going to hack around with that. It’s crazy. :-P

    4:53pm / May 3rd / 08 Ash

    yep, those were inherited from the orginal plugin that I edited when it stopped working, and no one else updated it. when they go wrong they can be a pain to figure out.

    can’t wait till I finally crack where that error is coming from, or maybe if i’m lucky some else will do before me :-P

    11:21pm / May 3rd / 08 James Low

    James, I’m running wp 2.5, and the plugin does not seem to be working. Any tips? Or, plans to make it compatible? Thank you!

    8:51pm / May 23rd / 08 John

    I’m using WP 2.5, which I just realized you might not support yet, but my bug is still salient.
    ALL my FB comments, NOT just on my imported posts, are being imported into the comments DB.
    The part that might be WP 2.5-related is that its importing them all into post #1 (Hello World), but I’m not sure. I’m definitely a little complicated, I’m using a custom URL on WP (does that affect things?) and feedburner from there, to go to FB. Maybe that’s what is causing it problems with importing to the correct blog # and so it just defaults to 1 everytime?

    8:34am / May 29th / 08 Ajay

    […] a mi blog, centra lizando así la información en este sitio.  El plugin que hace esto es el Facebook Comments para WordPress. (No Ratings Yet)  Loading […]

    Hey everyone, my blog is now at the latest version of WordPress, so I’ll be testing Facebook comments with that.

    I have noticed that it is no longer importing comments at all for me, though this was caused by changes to the facebook HTML not upgrading my wordpress. Will let you know when its fixed.

    12:20pm / Jun 23rd / 08 James Low

    Stopped working for me also. WP 2.5.1.

    3:09pm / Jun 23rd / 08 Keith Mander

    Ok, new version, works fo me, but its a mission to keep up with wordpress.

    12:12pm / Jul 3rd / 08 James Low

    I meant a mission to keep up with facbeook.

    WordPress is normally ok, but with 2.5+ I’ve realised they’ve changed what the GUID means in the database, so it won’t always be the permalink, so I need to come up with another way to compare.

    1:01pm / Jul 3rd / 08 James Low

    Ok new version 0.27

    1:34pm / Jul 3rd / 08 James Low

    James – running wp 2.5 latest and 0.27.This is the error I’m getting:

    Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in [EDITEDOUT/public_html/wp-content/plugins/facebooknotes.php on line 252]

    2:14pm / Jul 3rd / 08 smi

    Has this ever worked for you, or are you a first time you’ve tried? There was nothing changed with that part of the script, so I’m guessing this is the first time you tried to use it.

    Its something to do with your curl setup on your server, though I’m not sure specifically whats wrong.

    Ok everyone, I was in a good mood, so I’ve edited things again, and there’s now version 0.28 which will go through ever page of facebook notes, not just the first one.

    5:43pm / Jul 3rd / 08 James Low

    First time – tried again with 0.28. Same problem, plus “cannot find original post”, etc. Thanks though.

    9:26pm / Jul 3rd / 08 smi

    Facebook Comments…

    Facebook comments is a WordPress plugin that will import comments from your facebook notes back into your wordpress blog….

    11:59pm / Jul 3rd / 08 Leonaut.com

    Hey dude, just wanted to say thanks so much for updating your plugin. The latest updates have done the trick and it’s now fully compatible with the latest WP 2.5.1 engine (at least, as far as I can tell!)

    Btw, I couldn’t help but notice on your blog that a) you’re from Hong Kong, and b) you’re a Christian. So am I, and I figured the English-speaking Christian community in HK can’t be all that huge.

    Well anyhow, Facebook tells me we have mutual friends. I take it you go to The Vine? I’ve been there myself quite a few times, but when I’m in town I usually go to ECC.

    9:26am / Jul 7th / 08 B.J.

    Does this work in 2.6? I’m having troubles getting the comments to import at all! (Er, namely, they don’t, but don’t give me an error message?)

    7:42am / Jul 28th / 08 sarah

    Hi, I haven’t tested it on 2.6 yet, but I don’t see why it should’t. I’ll upgrade my blog sometime and let you know.

    8:05am / Jul 28th / 08 James Low

    I just ran it on 2.6 and it works fine, so there’s something else going wrong. Can you send me a screenshot of what happens when you click manually import comments?

    12:47am / Jul 30th / 08 James Low

    hey i am using the facebook comment and was wondering whats the code so i can put it in the side bar?? the code? LOL!

    2:07am / Aug 19th / 08 Sheena

    Um, what exactly do you wan to put in your sidebar? What facebook comments does is import comments on notes from facebook to regular comments in wordpress.

    7:54am / Aug 19th / 08 James Low

    Very nice plugin.

    I have been looking for a way to intergrate my facebook comments, thanks!

    11:37am / Aug 27th / 08 Abe

    Hi James, I have WP 2.6, I have been looking for this plugin for ages. I have a ton of comments I want to sychronize.

    It doesn’t bring them into he blog, it just says manually importing comments.

    is there something else i need to change. My posts are imported to facebook via a feedburner feed

    7:36am / Sep 4th / 08 ian

    I’m using WP 2.6 and exporting posts to FB via WordPress, and I can’t get any function out of this plugin. Any idea why?

    10:33pm / Oct 10th / 08 justin

    Sorry, I meant post to FB via Wordbook.

    9:15am / Oct 13th / 08 justin

    So I dropped Wordbook and tried importing only with RSS to see if that might have anything to do with it. I got no response. I get the ‘manually importing comments…’ message and nothing else. Might it be that my WordPress and FB account emails are different? Or does it just hate me like it seems?

    I love the idea of this plugin. I found it when I went looking for something to do exactly this. I’d be thrilled if I could get it working.

    10:33pm / Oct 15th / 08 justin

    Just gave you some link love over at my site. I installed it and it’s working just great.

    Thanks for the plugin.

    12:45am / Oct 21st / 08 Grant

    I reinstalled the plugin, messed with my feeds, all kinds of stuff. Suddenly, it worked. I have no idea why, but I’m thrilled. I love this plugin.

    11:42pm / Oct 26th / 08 justin

    I am afraid that the problem mentioned above turns up here as well. I am a first time user and the manually importing… notice doesn’t do more than just appearing. I am using the latest WP version, the latest version of your plugin, together with Feedburner. I’d be thrilled if the brilliant idea would be put into practice on my own site : )

    5:15am / Nov 4th / 08 Rin

    I am having the same problem Justin had prior to his mysterious solution.
    Is the plugin compatible with 2.7?

    7:03pm / Dec 7th / 08 Hans Rippel

    I’m having the same problem as Justin and Rin. Using Feedburner and WordPress 2.6.3

    First mistake was using http://www.facebook.com instead of network.facebook.com where network is the network you belong to. Now it lists my blog posts, “Checking for comments on Checking for comments on” but doesn’t seem to import any comments.

    Help please!

    9:40am / Dec 22nd / 08 Deg

    I’m experiencing the same problems as the last person.

    9:25am / Jan 3rd / 09 Ben

    Yea facebook have changed some HTML, and I think the plugin has stopped working again. Its on my todo list to fix it.

    12:29pm / Jan 3rd / 09 James Low

    Thanks, looking forward to another update.

    3:28pm / Jan 3rd / 09 David Hildreth

    […] Facebook Comments pour récupérer et afficher sur le blog les commentaires faits sur Facebook sur les billets convertis en “notes”. […]

    Yep, it looks like it’s died in the last week or so.

    When do you think you’ll be able to have this looked at James?

    Keep rockin’.


    8:25pm / Jan 15th / 09 Keith Mander

    Started looking at it, I have a dumb regular expression that just won’t work, but its getting there. Facebook changed a lot this time!

    9:28pm / Jan 15th / 09 James Low

    Ok done, version 0.30 works for me :-)

    11:16pm / Jan 15th / 09 James Low

    YAY!!! Thank you sooooooooooo much.. This new update is working flawlessly! *cheers*

    10:02pm / Jan 16th / 09 Ben

    Superb! Good work James.

    1:02am / Jan 19th / 09 Keith Mander

    Hmm, Google moving feeds from Feedburner to their own software is making this iffy. :-\

    5:53pm / Jan 21st / 09 Bas - Serial Expat

    […] information and the latest version can be found here: http://jameslow.com/2007/11/18/wordpress-plugin-facebook-comments/ Download Plugin! Version 0.32 Last Updated: January 15, 2009 Visit Plugin’s Home Visit […]

    11:14pm / Jan 30th / 09 Facebook Comments

    Hey, I’m getting a series of

    Error, wordpress URL for post not stored…
    Error, wordpress URL for post not stored…

    Please hit me back and let me know what’s up.


    7:37am / Feb 1st / 09 Michael Brett

    Same error for me I’m afraid as the commenter above. Looking forward to any solutions!

    6:53pm / Feb 1st / 09 harvestbird

    […] allow me to reach both friends of friends, and friends of strangers. Plus, with the combo of the Facebook Comments plug-in, any comments left on Facebook are copied back onto the blog, keeping everything nice and […]

    How could I add Facebook comments to the front page of my WordPress blog? What code would I need to add to the template?

    6:51pm / Feb 3rd / 09 Jasper

    Hey, first i couldn’t get this working, but i fixed it myself. I noticed two things that breaks this plugin:

    1. You have to use English as your language at Facebook. At least it didn’t work with Swedish – it just stuck at “Manually importing comments…”
    2. Your plugin checks for the feedburner domain but have no way to tell if you’re using “MyBrand” (Custom domains) with feedburner.
    I use “feed.cinnak.se” for my feeds so i manually changed “feedburner.com” with that in the code where the check is being made.

    And now it works!
    If you can include a textfield in the next release where you can enter your mybrand-domain that would be awesome.
    And is it possible to get it to work with other languages of Facebook?


    10:24am / Feb 7th / 09 Simon

    I have a dumb question : Which comments this plugins is supposed to import in wordpress ?

    The comments made on post imported from rss feed in your facebook profile ?

    Does it work with wordbook, to import wordbook comments to wordpress comments ?


    9:34pm / Feb 8th / 09 binbin

    Yea it imports the comments from facebook notes to wordpress if the original source was a wordpress post imported to your profile via RSS.

    It doesn’t work with wordbook, only via the official facebook importing method here: http://www.facebook.com/editnotes.php?import

    11:43pm / Feb 8th / 09 James Low

    When comments are closed on certain post, what’s happened ?
    Unfortunately on facebook all comments are activated by default even if comments are closed on wordpress post…

    2:30am / Feb 9th / 09 binbin

    I just added an option to not import comments for closed posts.

    1:06am / Feb 10th / 09 James Low

    Nice work.
    Unfortunately I have try to use it with one of the best RSS Facebook Application (Simplaris Blogcast) by entering the url of my facebook wall (where my feed are displayed with comment option) instead of url of facebook note and it doesn’t work.

    4:21am / Feb 10th / 09 binbin

    I think I have found a better solution.
    I use the Share Facebook button to publish my post on my profile.

    So in the WordPress admin plugins setting of Facebook comment, in Notes URL, do you think it will work if I enter the url of posted article :

    5:25am / Feb 10th / 09 binbin

    This plugin will not work with any other import solution other than the official one: http://www.facebook.com/editnotes.php?import

    8:11am / Feb 10th / 09 James Low

    The Share Facebook button is official, it’s a new feature of Facebook and it give to your post the best visibility.

    You should have a look james…

    7:46pm / Feb 10th / 09 binbin

    I am still receiving a list that looks like this.

    Error, wordpress URL for post not stored…
    Error, wordpress URL for post not stored…
    Error, wordpress URL for post not stored…
    Error, wordpress URL for post not stored…
    Error, wordpress URL for post not stored…
    Error, wordpress URL for post not stored…
    Error, wordpress URL for post not stored…

    Please let me know what the error would be.


    11:40pm / Feb 10th / 09 Michael Brett

    I have been trying to get this thing to work. I am on a windows server so I don’t have command line CURL. I think that is why its not working for me.

    I ahve been trying to re-write the curl into the PHP function but I can’t get it too work. :(

    It keeps telling me cookies are required in my debug output. Even though I have the CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE set with a cookie.txt
    Data is written to this cookie.txt when ran

    11:48am / Feb 13th / 09 Canadaka

    I’ve just upgraded from WP 2.7 to 2.7.1. and all of a sudden, this plugin’s ceased to function. Should I just wait it out until it’s compatible once more?

    3:46pm / Feb 15th / 09 Lene

    I haven’t upgraded yet. I’ll have a go and see what happens.

    12:27am / Feb 16th / 09 James Low

    Can I assume that I’d also need a cross-posting tool in order to post my blog entries to Faebook?

    1:27pm / Feb 18th / 09 Mitch

    Use the official RSS import solution:

    4:54pm / Feb 18th / 09 James Low

    Is the plugin working for you since the upgrade? I’m not too sure what’s wrong on my end. I can’t even import the comments manually as it just stays at “manually importing comments.”

    11:05am / Feb 20th / 09 Lene

    I haven’t tried yet. Will do soon.

    10:47pm / Feb 20th / 09 James Low

    Hey James,

    Great plugin idea, I can’t seem to get it to work. Question: Is it required that you use feedburner?


    6:31am / Feb 21st / 09 Brandon Bertelsen

    I am having an issue when it imports my own comments from facebook notes, it is loading them with the advertising and, comment boxes, tagging boxes, etc. from the facebook page. If I delete or edit the comments on WP, they are just reimported on the next update. Any ideas?

    5:03am / Feb 22nd / 09 Island Richards

    I’m also suffering from some issues. Every night, all the FB comments are being imported repeatedly.. and also include a bunch of HTML that would have also been on FB (banner ad, links etc).

    5:15pm / Feb 22nd / 09 Keith Mander

    Seen your comments guys. I’ll have a look sometime, but please understand we’re scraping facebook html, so its likely to break quite often, and this isn’t my full time job :-P

    1:15am / Feb 23rd / 09 James Low

    do you have any tip so we could try to fix this houselves, and not having to bether you? :)

    6:53am / Feb 25th / 09 LuisManson

    well how I have to do this, is I have to look at the HTML facebook is producing, and make sure my plugin correctly reads and finds the data using regular expressions. If someone else wants to do that and send me their changes I’d be happy.

    Either that, or if a load of people wanted to donate money I could afford to spend more time on it :-P

    11:18am / Feb 25th / 09 James Low

    I’m not good at this and since I installed this could never find the link on facebook. The RSS feed I found doesn’t contain the ” “viewer” . I can’t even find the rss on comments.

    Here is my RSS feed- http://www.facebook.com/feeds/share_friends_posts.php?id=1413112816&key=b17fd9b758&format=rss20

    This is as close as I’ve come. The notification.php part is working but not the comments.

    Just upgraded to WP 7.1

    2:04am / Feb 26th / 09 Marc

    Thought I posted results already but don’t see it-

    Again not sure what it is supposed to do because haven’t seen plugin in action. I put that rss feed in my sidebar and it’s getting something.

    5:36am / Feb 26th / 09 Marc

    Shoot me now- I was working on another ap- thought was yours.

    I wonder if yours is a WP issue- how many of these failed plugins are on the new 2.7.1

    8:36am / Feb 26th / 09 Marc

    Looks to be a 2.7.1 issue. It was working fine with me until I updated.

    I did notice one bug prior where if a comment had html within it, the plugin would create a single duplicate entry with no author name.

    I’ll see if I can take a look at possible issues this weekend. Thanks for the great plugin though.

    12:26pm / Feb 27th / 09 Ben

    Actually I found that it is working in 2.7.1. My issue was that I was showcasing my Notes in the compact view and it would not pull the comments back. Once I changed it back to Full view, the comments were imported again, but Facebook did update their html and it is now importing almost the entire page.

    12:37pm / Feb 27th / 09 Ben

    James, I’ve fixed the issue in the plugin. Please send me an email and I’ll send you the updated plugin code. I also added the ability to provide a default url for all comments instead of the facebook url id for those that don’t want to post the facebook url id’s out there.

    12:45am / Mar 1st / 09 Ben

    One more thing. There is one bug left. The plugin seems to screw up the author name on the last comment of a post. I was wondering if maybe you could take a look at this issue. I have only limited experience with regular expressions.

    Thanks again for the facebook comment plugin in general.

    12:46am / Mar 1st / 09 Ben

    I believe I have the plugin fixed now and working.

    12:30pm / Mar 1st / 09 Ben

    anyone has a fix yet? don’t seem to work..

    10:52pm / Mar 6th / 09 Mattias

    hi there,

    i’m new to this whole world. i”ve been tasked by my job to figure how to make it so that when someone googles(search engine searches) you, that your posts and people’s comments on your posts come up in the search. how do you go about making your facebook, myspace, wordpress, blogger, etc. come up when people search for you? is that the same as blog optimization?

    thanks everyone for any help you can give!

    7:27am / Mar 12th / 09 Davin

    @ben: try hooking up james on donate@jameslow.com

    5:32am / Mar 13th / 09 keith

    Thanks Davin. I’ll try that.

    However, it seems that Facebook made some html changes again and broke the plugin. I’ll try to reach James after I give the plugin a second shot.

    2:22am / Mar 15th / 09 Ben

    Hi! I installed facebookcomments yesterday with WP 2.7.1 but it’s not pulling FB comments. Could someone please help? Is it related to the previous comment made by Ben and is not working for anyone? Thank for the help.

    9:39pm / Mar 19th / 09 Deepak

    There’s a new version with fixes from:

    11:14pm / Mar 22nd / 09 James Low

    Mate love your biblegateway plug in, great work!

    Trying to get this workong on my site, but keep comign up with this error :(

    Manually importing comments…

    sh: line 1: curl: command not found

    7:45pm / Mar 23rd / 09 Tim Robinson

    Ahhh, looks like you don’t have curl accessible from you PHP setup. I’m working on changes that will integrate phpcurl but depends on how much time I have.

    9:39am / Mar 24th / 09 James Low

    I’m finding that mine isn’t logging in. The page that the script is getting back has a login box + the standard “you do not have cookies enabled” message.

    6:07am / Mar 26th / 09 Jason

    Hey, I stumbled on your site through some wordpress plugins. We have a lot in common. Would enjoy communicating sometime if you would like to. You can leave a post on my blog if you like instead at http://www.timmalone.net/blog.

    I like your site and look forward to hearing from you.

    7:04am / Apr 6th / 09 tim malone

    Hey there,

    I’ve been watching this plugin in for a while and was really excited about the most recent developments. However when I try to import comments I get the following error:

    Manually importing comments…

    Error, wordpress URL for post not stored…
    Error, wordpress URL for post not stored…
    Error, wordpress URL for post not stored…

    Any clues or help is appreciated.



    11:07pm / Apr 13th / 09 Andy

    Yeah, getting the same error message.

    “Error, wordpress URL for post not stored…”

    I am on WordPress 2.7.1 and using Facebook Comments 0.36.

    12:43pm / Apr 19th / 09 Chris Kou

    Hi. I really like your plugin… well, if I could get it to work.

    When I click manually import, it just says “Manually importing comments…” – but nothing happens. How long is it supposed to take?

    I entered the correct e-mail, password and url to the notes feed, which is the following:

    As you can see, there’s a comment for the latest post on facebook, but it doesn’t import to my WP :-)

    – Simon

    3:30am / Apr 25th / 09 Simon Wedege Petersen

    I have tried for hours to no avail! Just as Simon, nothing happens on import. Is there a Cron I should setup or something?

    PLEASE HELP – this is an amazing app when it is working.

    All Best,
    – Misty

    11:51am / Apr 26th / 09 Misty

    I think facebook have probable changed something and its stopped working again. I’ll have a look sometime.

    12:06am / Apr 27th / 09 James Low

    Hey – I have the same problem as chris, Simon and Misty…

    When I click manually import, it just says “Manually importing comments…” – but nothing happens.

    I look forward to hearing from you about a fix for this problem.


    7:35am / May 10th / 09 Amna Hakim

    I also have this issue, “Manually importing comments…” but nothing happens. Will there be a fix or not?

    Please let me know,


    5:42am / May 15th / 09 Roberto

    I have the same issue, Manually importing comments… and nothing happens. Will there be a fix?

    Thanks Best-

    5:43am / May 15th / 09 Roberto

    This plugin does not work at all. Should be fixed or deleted.

    2:50am / Jun 10th / 09 Thembi

    I have the same issue, Manually importing comments… and nothing happens. Will there be a fix?
    I think this plugin is really useful, I hope you make a fix. Good work.


    12:20pm / Jun 14th / 09 Pablo Moroe

    Is it possible to import the comments from a group instead of from a profile?

    5:40pm / Jun 15th / 09 CAFxX

    Yea, Facebook has seen some huge changes, I’m just a little too busy to fix things tight now.

    8:18am / Jun 16th / 09 James Low

    Hi, I’m Michele from Italy.
    I find your plugin very useful, i would like to know when you’ll get time …
    I think that your commenters will understand an incentive via paypal…

    6:56pm / Jun 30th / 09 Musikele

    Here is another voice encouraging you to update the plugin when you can. In passing, nice on the biblegateway one.

    11:35pm / Jun 30th / 09 Fr. Ernesto M. Obregon

    Thank you for this great plugin- I hope you get the chance soon to update it so it will work !

    10:30pm / Jul 6th / 09 Krish

    Maybe now using new Api or Facebook Connect the game is more easy?

    Keep this plugin alive, please!!

    6:18pm / Jul 8th / 09 Dapuzz

    Hi, I don’t know if I did something wrong, but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

    12:41am / Jul 25th / 09 C. Wizzle

    Not sure what I’ve got wrong, but my FB comments are not appearing on my original web site. The WordPress plug-in appears to be working (“getting next page …”), but nothing shows up. Any insight?

    6:59am / Jul 25th / 09 Melissa

    Thank you again for your work on this plugin. A lot of us still use it. :)

    1:27am / Jul 29th / 09 David

    I seem to have the same problem as Melissa – it appears to work, but none of my comments are coming over. Sadly I have not found anything else that even claims to offer this functionality.

    I hope you can get it fixed James.

    5:06am / Aug 11th / 09 David

    […] Facebook Comments Facebook comments是一个Wordpress插件, 可以导入你的Facebook留言到Wordpress博客并进行显示.插件主页 […]

    Someone else has been working on this as well – trying their best to contribute since it’s a big undertaking, FB keeps changing and their API isn’t well suited for the task. You can get the latest @ http://heroinc.org/2009/07/29/0-38d-facebook-comments/

    Thanks, James, for starting this!

    12:03am / Sep 15th / 09 jewel

    Thank you for this plugin!

    12:04pm / Sep 15th / 09 nike

    I was able to successfully install this plugin, but none of my comments are coming in. I am on WordPress version 2.7.1. Is this plugin only available for version 2.3?

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Please help! I’d be more than happy to pay for such a feature.

    1:04am / Sep 18th / 09 femgineer

    Hello James!
    Is the plug-in working? Everytime i click import it goes blank. I am running the latest version of WP.

    9:05am / Sep 22nd / 09 Jorge Fusaro

    […] bring the comments back into WordPress.This is an excellent plugin which builds on the idea of the Facebook Comments plugin, which no longer works (probably due to changes in way Facebook notes are marked up).Check […]

    nothing happens…

    need to fix wordpress code to appear??

    12:14pm / Oct 24th / 09 gerry

    I will try and get a fix soon.

    8:54am / Oct 26th / 09 James Low

    I think I’m doing everything correctly, but it seems to be stuck at:
    Manually importing comments…

    11:32pm / Oct 27th / 09 David

    Interesting points on screen scrapers, I use python for simple html screen scrapers, but for larger projects i used screen scrape which worked great, they build quick custom screen scraper and web scraper programs

    5:35am / Oct 30th / 09 Sara

    7:55pm / Nov 5th / 09 rinibin

    […] Facebook Comments […]

    High there!

    I like the idea, integrating Facebook comments on my Blog. I found your nice piece of code and thought to install it on WP Version 2.8.6…

    Everything went fine and I wanted to fine tune the plugin.

    Now I am stucked!

    How do I find the “Notes URL” in my Facebook profile?!

    Might be a silly question, but for me it is not clear… Thanks for any help and feedback!

    3:28am / Nov 24th / 09 Ivo Schmid

    Huh… any suggestion on my post above? As I see, my question is still in “moderation” mode…

    Thanks for any feedback!

    11:52pm / Nov 24th / 09 Ivo Schmid

    This site site is lame!

    I have a post, dated 7th of November in the pipline and it wasn´t approved until today…

    Thats what I really hate!

    The plugin isn´t working and I was happy to find another one.

    2:19am / Nov 26th / 09 Ivo Schmid

    I tried to install this today but it didn’t seem to do anything.

    I entered my username and pass (which I didn’t like doing for an app! I like my password to be secret) and ran the test, which it said worked.

    I then posted a comment on one of my recent notes, ran the manual import and I did not see the comment get imported. Any ideas?

    12:29pm / Jan 2nd / 10 Jonathan Zenor

    Yep the plugin isn’t really working at the moment. It works by screen scraping facebook which is why it needs the username and password. I’ll try fix things sometime but super busy with other things at the moment.

    10:29pm / Jan 2nd / 10 James Low

    thanks for the plugin.. is this working now? nweiz thanks for coding this plugin.. I’ll be waiting for the updates :)

    4:06pm / Jan 9th / 10 rex adrivan

    […] Facebook Comments: Uno de los problemas más frecuentes cuando el mismo contenido se distribuye en diferentes lugares es la fragmentación de la interacción. Si publicás el contenido de tu blog en Facebook este plugin para WordPress te permite copiar los comentarios que recibas a tu blog. De esta forma cualquier opinión que recibas desde Facebook quedará también reflejada en tu propia web. […]

    […] media plug-ins, designed to display your Twitter friends, pull in your Delicious tags or even import comments on a Facebook Note back into the blog […]

    hey, plz fix the plugin. :( its amazing and i’ll love it. great work. i’ll have a look every day for a update. :)

    5:06pm / Feb 3rd / 10 fan

    […] Facebook Comments Mit Facebook Comments werden alle Kommentare von den Facebook Noteszurück in den WordPress Blog […]

    I haven’t seen this plugin before, but I think this is will be nice plugin …. :)

    1:24pm / Feb 14th / 10 uphy

    […] Facebook Comments: Uno de los problemas más frecuentes cuando el mismo contenido se distribuye en diferentes lugares es la fragmentación de la interacción. Si publicás el contenido de tu blog en Facebook este plugin para WordPress te permite copiar los comentarios que recibas a tu blog. De esta forma, cualquier opinión que recibas desde Facebook quedará también reflejada en tu propia web. […]

    […] Página de Facebook Comments […]

    12:27am / May 29th / 10 ¡Hola mundo! « Jorivandg

    […] is an excellent plugin which builds on the idea of the Facebook Comments plugin, which no longer works (probably due to changes in way Facebook notes are marked […]

    We used to use this plugin on our main website before and actually like to introduce it to our clients but suddenly its not working anymore, ope the developer update this plugin or will ask to adopt it and redevelop.


    12:02am / Sep 23rd / 10 Web Services


    I would be happy to take over maintaining and working on this plugin if you like. I have already built a couple custom Facebook plugins for various clients and figure I could probably manage getting this to work with new API’s easily enough.

    Let me know.


    8:53pm / Oct 19th / 10 Ryan J. Peterson

    Dude, that would be great, I was almost about to post this request for most of my plugins.

    What’s your wordpress.org id so I can add you to the SVN.

    9:57pm / Oct 19th / 10 James Low


    My ID is serenitysoft. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


    4:09am / Oct 26th / 10 Ryan J. Peterson


    Let me know when you get this done, I should have updates on this code today that will get it working again here.

    Thanks in advance,


    11:20pm / Oct 26th / 10 Ryan J. Peterson

    0.37 posted everyone.

    4:31am / Oct 27th / 10 Ryan J. Peterson

    […] Página de Facebook Comments […]

    […] Facebook Comments : importe les commentaires reçus
    sur Facebook directement dans WordPress. […]

    […] plugin « Facebook comments » est lui aussi assez intéressant. il vous permet d’importer les commentaires que […]

    […] More information and the latest version can be found here: http://jameslow.com/2007/11/18/wordpress-plugin-facebook-comments/ […]

    5:12pm / Nov 10th / 11 BUU library KM ????????????? 1

    […] Facebook Comments: important comments received on Facebook directly into WordPress. […]

    […] More information and the latest version can be found here: http://jameslow.com/2007/11/18/wordpress-plugin-facebook-comments/ […]