Spreadsheet Widget

spreadsheetwidgetI’ve been looking for a spreadsheet widget for dashboard for along time, something to quickly blot without loading up a full spreadsheet like open office, excel or numbers. I was thinking of writing my own, but I’ve been trying not to program so much “pointless” stuff and focus on what really matters. This lead me to the idea of using Mac OSX’s webclip feature that lets you create a widget from any webpage.

I originally tried Google Docs with a public spreadsheet, but something went wrong with the javascript. A quick wikipedia and I discovered Zoho’s public spreadsheet. It worked great as you can see from the image!


I was writing a program and needed a Java class that would read some text a line at a time but also tell you what the last line seperator was, whether a line feed, carriage return or both. It was written very quickly, and may not be perfect, and it requires a java.io.Reader in the constructor that returns true for markSupported()

You can download it here: SmartBufferedReader.java