Alter Ego

Hey, This is just a quick not to ask you to add my friends app Alter Ego Its an app similar to your profile, but your friends edit it not you. Please spread the news and add edit as many other people as you can.

If any of you know Janakan, this is one of the steps leading to his website. It allows testing of some of the systems that will eventually make up the whole website. His company / website will eventually have a huge charitable element, so by adding the app, editing your friends profile, sending invites to others and spreading the news you’re helping make that a reality.

Facebook Comments

IMPORTANT: Facebook comments isn’t working right now, I’m looking for someone to take over this to make it work. Leave a comment.

Basically a new version can start using the facebook comments API for notes, but will still have to match note ids to wordpress URLs by screen scraping facebook like the original plugin.

Old Info:
For a while I’ve been using Adam Hill’s facebook comment importer, to get comments from facebook back in to my blog. I recently realised it wasn’t working, so I tried Thomas Albright’s edit, no joy there either. Did some debugging and got it working my self. You can download it here: facebooknotes.php.

All new changes have been commented incase they need to be moved back, though I think my version is the only one being actively maintained at the moment.

Change Log:
Latest fixes for facebook with changes from Benjamin Trice
Option to not import comments for posts whose comment status is closed.
Should work for pages and situations where there facebook user specified in wordpress isn’t friends with the commenter on the note.
Removed debug statement
Fix for the latest version of facebook!
Option not to notify (email) of new comments from facebook
Option to import from every page of notes from facebook, not just the first one.
Version 2.5.1 introduced that the GUID might not be the permalink ( The plugin now uses a different method for converting the URL to a post ID. Should also fix some earlier problems with the “Original Comment Post Not Found” error.
Version 0.26 with fix for latest facebook HTML mark up
Fix added by Aaron Harp to allow thie plugin to work with feedburner

Fresh Look

Ok, I’ve just started work on new look for the site. There are a few things like archives and stuff that I need to fix, so please be patient, but hopefully it will be more ‘me’ than the old design.

Limelight Released

I’ve been working on a presentation management program for a while. Its cross platform java, but designed to feel as native as possible on whatever system you use.


Its very early stages yet, and has a lot further to go, but feel free to try it out. The icon was by the amazing Jen Hancock. More information on the work page.