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Alter Ego

Hey, This is just a quick not to ask you to add my friends app Alter Ego http://apps.facebook.com/profile/ Its an app similar to your profile, but your friends edit it not you. Please spread the news and add edit as many other people as you can.

If any of you know Janakan, this is one of the steps leading to his website. It allows testing of some of the systems that will eventually make up the whole website. His company / website will eventually have a huge charitable element, so by adding the app, editing your friends profile, sending invites to others and spreading the news you’re helping make that a reality.

If you found any of the software useful, please consider supporting its further developement by donating.
11:17am / Nov 23rd / 07
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    Tagging of people in this post was random, just wanted to get the word out as much as possible.

    1:03pm / Nov 23rd / 07 James Low (via Facebook)