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Mid Boost/Cut Overdrive

I had the idea that it might be more useful to have an overdrive with a contour control rather than a traditional tone control on it. I found this mid boost/cut circuit and added an overdrive section to it. It’s no the best sounding overdrive in the world, but here’s the schematic and a quick demo.



    hi good Boost, but where did you buy those breadboard and input ouput jack with pcb already installed?

    11:00am / Jan 4th / 16 abby

    I bought the breadboard on eBay and the tester PCB here: http://pcb.delyk.com/12-utility-boards

    I then wired up the input/output/power to the board and stuck it on with blu tack :P?

    12:47pm / Jan 4th / 16 James Low

    Very Nice playing and very good demo!
    Clean tones sound great, but this type of overdrive cannot sound good.

    2:27am / Sep 8th / 19 G.Amps