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Fender Medium Jumbo Frets (.103 x .046)

Been doing a little bit of research for a partscaster I’m building, and found some of the forums have mixed information about what is truly Fender’s medium jumbo frets. Anyway found that the fret wire they sell as medium jumbo is .103″ (2.62mm) wide and.046″ (1.17mm) tall according to this link on fender.com:


This makes it pretty much spot on with dunlop 6150 fret wire unlike this post which is one of the top results on Google:


2:52am / Jul 25th / 16 Comments

Cleartone vs. D’Addario NYXL

I recently swapped my the strings on my guitar from Cleartones to D’Addario NYXL. Here are a quick few thoughts comparing the two:

– Cleartone strings definitely lasted a long time with showing much corrosion
– Cleartone were definitely louder, I was surprised how noticeable this was
– Cleartone were louder in the fundamental, but NYXL had more harmonics
– Cleartone were much higher tension for the same string gauge and required a new setup in order to have correct intonation. The high tension also made it harder to play and felt like I was playing a higher string gauge.

Overall I think NYXL sound much more like conventional nickel strings, because of the balance between the fundamental note and harmonic content. I understand that for some styles of music, some might prefer the sound of Cleartone strings, but for me, I’ll definitely be sticking with the NYXLs.

3:19am / Jun 24th / 16 Comments

Worship Videos and Sermons

Two great sites if you’re looking for free Christian worship music or sermon videos

Worship Videos and Music Digital Theology and Sermons

3:10pm / May 2nd / 16 Comments

Enable Social Media Links on YouTube (2016)

YouTube recently changed the default settings for channels (including those that already had links enabled) so that social media links don’t show up on your channel banner. To enable these, here’s what you have to do.

1) Click the gear link under your channel banner


2) Enable “Customize the layout of your channel”


3) Add social media/website links as per before

10:20pm / Mar 3rd / 16 Comments

Star Wars and Basketball Videos

Very excited to just launch two new sites. Splash Tape for all the latest basketball videos and Force Junkies for Star Wars videos / news / rumours / fan theories.

Basketball Videos and Highlights

Star Wars Videos and News

10:29pm / Feb 11th / 16 Comments

Two changing tables from one

Another IKEA hack, this time turning a single SNIGLAR changing table into two lower (and safer) ones by sawing the legs just above the second shelf:

2:01am / Jan 28th / 16 Comments

New Underdesk Laptop Draw

I recently saw this IKEA hack and realised it might be an improvement on my last laptop mount. The Macbook Pro 13″ fits perfectly in the IKEA Dokument letter tray, and the mesh design allows better cooling than a flat shelf.

1:55am / Jan 28th / 16 Comments

2 Channel Guitar Amp In A Pedal

I’ve been experimenting with some of the cheap class d amplifier boards available on eBay from china. This is the PAM8610 board with a Wampler Euphoria clone as a preamp. I added a footswitch that footswitches between clean and overdrive. It switches between two separate gain pots for clean and overdrive, removes the clipping diodes for clean, and adds a lead master in overdrive mode. I did some tests with this setup in separate enclosures, and there was very little hum, but as you can see from the video, there is tons when in the same enclosure. Maybe I have something poorly soldered, or maybe things are just too close together. Still it would be cool if a real manufacturer did something like this and sorted out all the issues because it doesn’t sound bad other than the hum. I might get another one of the boards and put it by itself in it’s own box. I’m powering it with a Mooer 2000mA power supply, but a one spot or anything over 1000mA should work, and it should take anything up to 12V.

Here’s some pics of the project. Notice I had to cut some of the plastic housing from the input jack, as well as bend the legs to make it all fit. The chassis is grounded, but the speaker output is isolated from the chassis. I kind of wish I’d used the deeper 1590BS instead of a 1590B so that there was a little more room.

11:46pm / Jan 9th / 16 Comments

List of DIY Guitar Pedal PCB Manufacturers

After building a 2 in 1 overdrive, I’ve got interested in building more pedals, so here’s a few of the PCBs manufacturers I’ve found. Please let me know if you have more to add.

Title Description
BYOC The classic kit shop
Aion Electronics Large selection of PCBs with detailed analysis and history
Fuzz Dog UK based, large selection of PCBs and kits
Delyk PCBs Unique selection of PCBs including an effects tester
General Guitar Gadgets Huge number of PCBs
Musik Ding German based site
Arcadia Electronics Good selection of PCBs with board mounted jacks and footswitch
Muzique A few boost/drive PCBs
Jeds Peds Another UK based company
MadBean Pedals Another great site
Tayda Electronics
Rully Wow
1776 Effets
Pedal Parts and Kits
Lectric FX

6:26am / Dec 28th / 15 Comments

Mid Boost/Cut Overdrive

I had the idea that it might be more useful to have an overdrive with a contour control rather than a traditional tone control on it. I found this mid boost/cut circuit and added an overdrive section to it. It’s no the best sounding overdrive in the world, but here’s the schematic and a quick demo.


7:36pm / Dec 26th / 15 2 Comments
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