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Limelight Released

I’ve been working on a presentation management program for a while. Its cross platform java, but designed to feel as native as possible on whatever system you use.


Its very early stages yet, and has a lot further to go, but feel free to try it out. The icon was by the amazing Jen Hancock. More information on the work page.

If you found any of the software useful, please consider supporting its further developement by donating.
9:47am / Nov 4th / 07
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    :) What a fantastic product! When will it be available for sale? i like the logo… and the fact that it doesn’t look weird in vista… and doesn’t prompt a security popup.. hahaha

    6:39pm / Nov 4th / 07 janako

    What an amazing program. Simple, user friendly and saves having to test one’s PPT knowledge. Verdict: get it free NOW before google buys it for xxx =)

    8:16am / Nov 15th / 07 Chris Tsoi