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Been helping Janakan a bit with his great new app found at www.youtubeapp.com. Its awesome and you can really should check it out.

Things I love:

  • Seeing everyone’s libraries, you get to find great videos AND its really interesting seeing how it reflects different things about someone’s personality.
  • Auto playing next video, this is great, because you can use a search or setup a playlist and it just keeps going.
  • Facebook integration, this is great because facebook is where I go to find out what my friends are doing. I don’t have most of them added as friends on youtube as well.
  • Drag and drop, just rocks

If you found any of the software useful, please consider supporting its further developement by donating.
7:02pm / Dec 14th / 08
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    Dang. Hadn’t thought about how the videos can reflect on our personalities. Hmmmmm pitfall, I think :P

    9:17pm / Dec 15th / 08 Vanessa