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Pedal Board

I love the simplicity and that things are just. Love the Michael Kelly Hybrid Special and the Fender Super Champ XD.

– Input/output jacks wired into the Pedal Train Mini
– Stereo input, one side goes to the Fulldrive 2, the other to the Fisherman Aura – a must for anyone using a piezo pickup.
– The Fulldrive is pretty old, ’99 model, serial number around 2000.
– Built in Footswitch for the Fender Super Champ XD.
– Straight jack-jack connector between the Maxon AD-9 and the Fishbone Overdrive Supreme, a Zendrive clone.
1 Spot power supply with right angle daisychain – these really make the wiring neat.
– Custom stereo cable from Acoustic Engineering Hong Kong with Amphenol connectors.
– Changed the stock pickups to Dimarzio Air Classics on the Hybrid Special.



    […] 2 circuit into a smaller pedal enclosure (Hammond 1590BB) so that it took up less space on my pedal board. While I was looking into it, I realised that my Fulldrive 2 was one of […]

    I have been working on this project and it should only take 30 minutes but I am into day 5 or 6 of trying to fix my mess. what exactly did you do to fix your problems?

    2:15pm / Dec 11th / 15 tim