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Sound Interfaces

Over the years I have owned a multitude of sound interfaces for different reasons, far more than my limited recording abilities justify, but thought I would randomly blog the ones I owned and why I sold them.

MOTU 2408 – returned, didn’t work with IBM thinkpad docking station
MOTU 2408 (yes another one) – sold, didn’t work with non intel chipset
M-Audio Delta 1010 – worked, then sold as I wanted a non PCI based one
MOTU 828MkII – worked, then sold for more preamps and bus powered Traveller
MOTU Traveller – worked, then sold because the ProjectMix had a control surface and came up for cheap on asiaxpat
M-Audio ProjectMix IO – bought from John Lauden, worked accept no hot plugging, sold to Audiotraffic when changing laptop to a new MacBook with no FireWire
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R – bought on sale, most stable driver yet, until they got bought over by Avid and the support got terrible :(
Apogee ONE – trying to downsize, but I missed a proper mic, and stereo in/out
Presonus Audiobox USB – staying small, but a bit more features than the Apogee

1:16pm / Nov 21st / 08
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