Detecting Quercus

At Onoko, I’ve been using Quercus to run PHP applications on Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon’s scalable Java stack.

Quercus is great, although I’ve found I have to work round some of its unimplemented methods or implementation differences from PHP. I test on a plain Linux/Apache/PHP server though, and wanted a way to detect Quercus so I can conditionally use different work arounds. You can do this with the following PHP:

$IS_QUERCUS = strpos($_SERVER[“SERVER_SOFTWARE”],’Quercus’) !== false;

Reader Comments

  1. You can also check for the existence of quercus-specific functions like quercus_version().

  2. Thanks Nam, saw that you’re starting to work through some of the Quercus bugs that I posted. Thanks a lot, and looking forward to a version of Quercus that I don’t have to use my own custom build!

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